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Hugh Hopper – Hopper Tunity Box (1976) U.K.

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Most people know Hugh Hopper (born in March 1945) for his role as bassist in the renowned Canterbury band, Soft Machine, but his career simply can’t be resumed at that. Hopper first met Daevid “GonG” Allen back in 63 when he passed though Canterbury and stayed at Robert Wyatt’s house. They formed between the three of them the Daevid Allen Trio and the Australian beatnik taught the two youngsters about music loops and other research he’d learned from experimental artiste Terry Riley. As Daevid went on in his peregrinations, the other two members became part of the seminal Canterbury group The Wilde Flowers, which included most every one from the future Soft Machine and Caravan and Hugh’s older brother Brian on sax and guitar. Back in England in late 66, Daevid founded Soft Machine with Ayers, Ratledge and Wyatt, Hugh becoming their roadie, until Daevid’s border incident and Kevin’s proclamation of lazyness and not liking the future musical direction of SM, Hugh stepped in with his bass. His tenure with the Machine would last until 72 and the release of their sixth album.

Canterbury Scene • United Kingdom

Studio Album, released in 1976

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Hopper Tunity Box (3:34)
2. Miniluv (3:32)
3. Gnat Prong (7:55)
4. Lonely Sea and the Sky (6:31)
5. Crumble (3:55)
6. Lonely Woman (3:20)
7. Mobile Mobile (5:00)
8. Spanish Knee (3:48)
9. Oyster Perpetual (3:10)

Total Time: 40:42

Line-up / Musicians

– Nigel Morris / drums
– Frank Roberts / piano
– Mike Travis / drums
– Richard Brunton / guitar
– Hugh Hopper / bass, percussion, guitar, saxophone (Soprano)
– Gary Windo / clarinet (bass), saxophone
– Marc Charig / cornet, horn (Tenor)
– Elton Dean / saxophone, saxophone (Alto)


Steve Hillage – Fish Rising (1975)

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Canterbury Scene • United Kingdom

Studio Album, released in 1975

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Solar Musick Suite: (16:55)
a) Sun Song (I Love its Holy Mystery (6:15)
b) Canterbury Sunrise (3:25)
c) Hiram Afterglid Meets the Dervish (4:05)
d) Sun Song (reprise) (3:10)
2. Fish (1:23)
3. Meditation of the Snake (3:10)
4. The Salmon Song: (8:45)
a) Salmon Pool (1:17)
b) Solomon’s Atlantis Salmon (2:08)
c) Swimming with the Salmon (1:37)
d) King of the Fishes (3:43)
5. Aftaglid: (14:46)
a) Sun Moon Surfing (1:36)
b) The Great Wave and the Boat of Hermes (1:51)
c) The Silver Ladder (0:40)
d) Astral Meadows (2:01)
e) The Lafta Yoga Song (2:42)
f) Glidding (2:23)
g) The Golden Vibe/Outglib (3:33)

Total Time: 44:59

Line-up / Musicians

– Steve Hillage (aka Steve Hillfish) / lead vocals, electric guitar
– Tim Blake (aka Moonweed) / synthesizers, tamboura
– Christian Boule / electric guitar
– Lindsay Cooper / bassoon
– Miquette Giraudy / keyboards, synths
– Mike Howlett / bass
– Didier Malherbe (aka Bloomdido Glid de Breeze) / sax, flute
– Pierre Moerlen / drums, marimba, darbuka
– Gilli Smyth (aka Bombaloni Yomi) / vocals, bells
– Dave Stewart / organ, piano