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El Reloj – El Reloj II (aka Al Borde del Abismo or Segundo Album)(1976) Argentina

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Studio Album, released in 1976

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. El Hombre Y El Perro *
2. Camino Al Estucofen *
3. Al Borde Del Abismo
4. Tema Triste
5. La Ciudad Desconocida
6. Aquel Triangulo
7. Harto Y Confundido
8. Tema De Todas Las Epocas
9. Aquella Dulce Victoria
10. Egolatria

* Only in Master Edition

Line-up / Musicians

– Juan Esposito / drums, vocals
– Eduardo Frezza / bass, vocals
– Willy Gardi / lead guitar, vocals
– Luis Alberto Valenti / keyboards, vocals
– Osvaldo Zabala / guitar


El Reloj – El Reloj (1975) Argentina

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If I had to say which is the quintessential band of Argentinean Progressive Rock, I would say without doubt EL RELOJ (The Clock), they were the ones who opened the door for the prolific Progressive movement in this South American country despite the fact they were never a pure Symphonic band which was always the preeminent style.

The band, mainly inspired in DEEP PURPLE with a clear Symphonic structure and style was originally formed by Eduardo Frezza and Willy Gardi in 1970 from the ashes of two bands called “LAGRIMA” (Tear) and “LOS ANGELES SALVAJES” (The Wild Angels) from a small city called Rosario, EL RELOJ made their debut in a movie theater called “El Monumental” with the record of 1,100 seats and a lot of people in the street who wasn’t able to reach a ticket.

The original lineup was formed by Luis Valenti (Keyboards and vocals), Willy Gardi (Guitar), Osvaldo Zabala (Guitar), Eduardo Freza (Bass and Vocals) and Juan Espósito (Drums), soon joins Eduardo “Tucata” Suarez as second guitar who leaves the band and is replaced by Gregorio Felipes.

Before a very importants concert in the Olimpia Theater, Gregorio Felipes is killed in a car accident by a drunk policeman officer who escapes, despite their grieve, the band still makes the show as a tribute for their partner before 1,500 souls and abandon the stage for a long period of time.

Is not until 1973 that they release their first single “El Mandato” (The Commandment) and “Vuelve el Día a Reinar” (The Day Reigns Again) which was a moderate success. The next year they release their biggest hit “Alguien en Quien Confiar” (Somebody Else To Trust In) and “Blues del Atardecer” (Sunset Blues) that sold more than 100,000 copies, a record for a native Rock band in those days.

In 1975 they release the first LP called “El Reloj” with clear Deep Purple influence but listening again after some years I noticed they had more of the Uriah Heep’s mystic and proggy sound, even Luis Valenti sounds pretty much like David Byron.

This album contains old and new material by the band but as in most South America it was hard to get sponsored when you were a local band, so that’s the reason it had to wait so much, the budget was so tied that they couldn’t afford the art cover with “The Melted Clocks” by Dali.

Eclectic Prog • Argentina

Studio Album, released in 1975

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. El Reloj

No song lenght or total time availlable.

Line-up / Musicians

– JUAN ESPOSITO / Drums, vocals and Tumabadoras en 3
– WILLY GARDI / Guitar, Vocals
– LUIS ALBERTO VALENTI / Keyboards and Vocals
– EDUARDO FREZZA / Bass, Lead Vocals

Djam Karet – Burning The Hard City (1991) U.S.A.

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Being called the “greatest undiscovered band in the world” by Electronic Musician magazine certainly qualifies the four-piece group known as Djam Karet for more recognition. Their CD, Burning The Hard City, is their 1991 release and features dual guitars (Gayle Ellett, Mike Henderson), keyboards, bass (Henry J. Osborne) and drums (Chuck Oken, Jr.) on seven extended tracks (six of which clock in at over eight minutes). The music offers tons of guitar histrionics, feedback, improvisations and, of course, wailing guitar solos (sometimes four to a tune). Having been compared to King Crimson and Pink Floyd, Djam Karet nevertheless delivers a signature hard, progressive, and futuristic sounding collection on Burning The Hard City. It’s highly unlikely fans of instrumental prog would be disappointed by this Southern California band’s recorded output — unique and visionary.

Genre: Eclectic Prog
Origin: United States

Studio Album, released in 1991

Track Listings

1. At The Mountains Of Madness (9:17)
2. Province 19: The Visage Of War (8:13)
3. Feast Of Ashes (10:46)
4. Grooming The Psychosis (11:57)
5. Topanga Safari (5:57)
6. Ten Days To The Sand (11:07)
7. Burning The Hard City (12:07)

Total Time: 70:01


– Gayle Ellett / electric 7-string and 6-string guitars, taped effects, keyboards, percussion
– Mike Henderson / electric twelve and six string guitars, effects, keyboards
– Chuck Oken, Jr. / drums, electronic, percussion, keyboards, synthesizer programming and sequencing
– Henry Osborne / electric bass, bottled bass, keyboards, percussion

Beardfish – Destined Solitaire (2009) Sweden

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Eclectic Prog • Sweden

Track Listing:

01. Awaken the Sleeping (6:01)
02. Destined Solitaire (10:53)
03. Until You Comply Inclusing Entropy (15:21)
04. In Real Lief There is No Algebra (4:33)
05. Where the Rain Comes in (8:29)
06. At Home… Watching Movies (1:53)
07. Coup De Grâce (9:49)
08. Abigails Questions (in an Infinite Universe) (9:12)
09. The Stuff that Dreams Are Made of (10:40)


– Rikard Sjöblom / vocals, keyboards
– David Zackrisson / guitars
– Robert Hansen / bass
– Magnus Östgren / drums

Beardfish – Sleeping in Traffic: Part One (2007) Sweden

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Eclectic Prog • Sweden

Studio Album, released in 2007

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. On The Verge Of Sanity … (0:47)
2. Sunrise (7:54)
3. Afternoon Conversation (3:42)
4. And Never Know (5:59)
5. Roulette (12:07)
6. Dark Poet (3:24)
7. Harmony (7:20)
8. The Ungodly Slob (6:42)
9. Year Of The Knife (7:28)
10. Without You (2:39)
11. Same Old Song (7:51)

Total Time: 65:53

Line-up / Musicians

– Rikard Sjöblom / vocals, guitars, keyboards, accordion, percussion
– David Zackrisson / guitars, percussion
– Robert Hansen / bass
– Magnus Östgren / drums, percussion, screaming