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Clearlight – Les Contes Du Singe Fou (1977) France

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Studio Album, released in 1977

Track Listings

1. The Key (13:42)
i. The Outsider (5:17)
ii. A Trip To The Orient (5:45)
iii. Lightsleeper’s Despair (2:40)
2. Soliloque (5:21)
3. Time Skater (15:29)
i. Prelude (1:50)
ii. Countdown To Eternity (4:28)
iii. The Cosmic Crusaders (9:11)
4. Stargazer (2:32)
5. Return To The Source (3:41)

Total Time: 40:45


– Serge Aouzi / drums, percussion
– Ian Bellamy / vocals
– Tim Blake / synthesizers
– Yves Chouard / guitars
– Joel Dugrenot / bass
– Didier Lockwood / violins
– Francis Mandin / Arp Odyssey
– Cyrille Verdeaux / keyboards, timbales


Clearlight – Forever Blowing Bubbles (1975)France

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Genre: Symphonic Prog
Origin: France

Studio Album, released in 1975

Track Listings

1. Chanson (4:45)
2. Without Words (7:40)
3. Way (8:15)
4. Ergotrip (6:24)
5. Et pendant ce temps la (4:42)
6. Narcisse et Goldmund (2:39)
7. Jungle bubbles (2:42)

Bonus tracks on cd release:

8. Sweet absinthe (7:48)
9. Without words (Mellotron remix) (7:43)
10. Flute aquatique (2:45)

Total Time: 55:28


– Bob Boisadan / keyboards, synths.
– Jean-Claude D’Agostini / guitars, flute
– Joel Dugrenot / lead vocals, bass
– François Jeanneau / bubbles synthetizers, flute, soprano sax
– Christos Stapinopoulos / drums, congas
– Cyrille Verdeaux / keyboards, gongs, congas, synthesizers, Mellotron, glockenspiel
– Amanda & Ann / celestial choir
– Gilbert Artman / drums, percussion, vibraphone, maracas
– Christian Boulé / cosmic guitar
– David Cross / violins
– Brigitte Roy / vocals (6)
– Bruno Verdeaux / synthesizer, aquatic congas

Ruins – Symphonica (1998) Japan

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Zeuhl • Japan

Studio Album, released in 1998

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Thebes (7:40)
2. Graviyaunosch (6:21)
3. Big Head (7:34)
4. Praha In Spring (4:37)
5. Thrive (5:00)
6. Infect (10:14)
7. Brixon Varromiks (8:41)
8. Bliezzaning Moltz (7:12)

Total Time: 57:19

Line-up / Musicians

– Emi Eleonola / vocals
– Kubota Aki / vocals
– Oguchi Kenichi / keyboards
– Sasaki Hisashi / bass
– Yoshida Tatsuya / drums, vocals

Hugh Hopper – Hopper Tunity Box (1976) U.K.

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Most people know Hugh Hopper (born in March 1945) for his role as bassist in the renowned Canterbury band, Soft Machine, but his career simply can’t be resumed at that. Hopper first met Daevid “GonG” Allen back in 63 when he passed though Canterbury and stayed at Robert Wyatt’s house. They formed between the three of them the Daevid Allen Trio and the Australian beatnik taught the two youngsters about music loops and other research he’d learned from experimental artiste Terry Riley. As Daevid went on in his peregrinations, the other two members became part of the seminal Canterbury group The Wilde Flowers, which included most every one from the future Soft Machine and Caravan and Hugh’s older brother Brian on sax and guitar. Back in England in late 66, Daevid founded Soft Machine with Ayers, Ratledge and Wyatt, Hugh becoming their roadie, until Daevid’s border incident and Kevin’s proclamation of lazyness and not liking the future musical direction of SM, Hugh stepped in with his bass. His tenure with the Machine would last until 72 and the release of their sixth album.

Canterbury Scene • United Kingdom

Studio Album, released in 1976

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Hopper Tunity Box (3:34)
2. Miniluv (3:32)
3. Gnat Prong (7:55)
4. Lonely Sea and the Sky (6:31)
5. Crumble (3:55)
6. Lonely Woman (3:20)
7. Mobile Mobile (5:00)
8. Spanish Knee (3:48)
9. Oyster Perpetual (3:10)

Total Time: 40:42

Line-up / Musicians

– Nigel Morris / drums
– Frank Roberts / piano
– Mike Travis / drums
– Richard Brunton / guitar
– Hugh Hopper / bass, percussion, guitar, saxophone (Soprano)
– Gary Windo / clarinet (bass), saxophone
– Marc Charig / cornet, horn (Tenor)
– Elton Dean / saxophone, saxophone (Alto)

Abiogenesi – Il Giocoscuro (1996) Italy

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Crossover Prog • Italy

Studio Album, released in 1996

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Il Giocoscuro (22:50)
2. Sul Margine Del Bosco La Morte Librava La Sua Falce (8:07)
3. Notte Da Urlare (3:24)
4. Lunipieno (1:15)
5. Golem (10:00)

Total Time: 45:36

Line-up / Musicians

– Sandro Immacolato / drums
– Roberto Piccolo / bass
– Patrick Menegaldo / keyboards, Hammond organ
– Toni d’Urso / vocals, guitar, tapes

review :

Out of the entire prog catalogue, this prolific Italian band chose to go back to the roots, dressing up the 70’s traditional sound with new craftsmanship and a variety of influences. Classic prog isn’t exactly what they play as their style has a dark, hard feel, although it blends well with the symphonic style. Their influences are basically threefold: heavy art rock (classic influence or modern arrangements), psychedelic prog, and modern Italian symphonic prog. Retro-prog could perhaps be mentioned also, as the band seeks to recreate a druggy, classic psych atmoshpere that blends fantasy, melodious passages and improvisation.

Anglagard – Hybris (1992) Sweden

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Änglagård’s sound is rich in mellotron, Hammond and piano, and a brooding wash of guitars and bass/bass pedal accented by Holmgren’s moody and precise flute. The band’s compositions are characterized by long, often instrumental tracks with significant tempo shifts and sometimes intense guitar flourishes.
An inspiration for a lot of Scandinavian bands, ANGLAGARD’s first production is a must have in any prog collection. Maybe one of the few albums that everybody loves, and it’s not merely coincidental. After the decadence of the great bands in ’80s, and the poor approach to the original style from neo-prog bands, ANGLAGARD arised like the true response for all those who considered prog music dead and buried.

This album was a true inspiration for many Northern Europe bands like SINKADUS or LANDBERK, who emphasized the sadness and nostalgy found in “Hybris”, making a sort of new “melancholic Scandinavian mellotronic” style. Precisely, “Hybris” is a party for Mellotron lovers.

Genre: Symphonic Prog
Origin: Sweden

Studio Album, released in 1992

Track Listings

1. Jordrök (11:10)
2. Vandringar i Vilsenhet (11:53)
3. Ifrån Klarhet Till Klarhet (8:04)
4. Kung Bore (12:57)
Bonus track on remastered CD:
5. Gånglåt från Knapptibble (7:19)

Total Time: 51:23

– Thomas Johnson / Mellotron, Hammond organ B-3 and L-100, solina, clavinet, pianet, korg mono/poly, piano and church organ electronic version
– Jonas Engdegård / Stratocaster, Gibson 335, nylon and steel acoustic guitars
– Tord Lindman / vocals, Gibson 335, nylon and steel acoustic guitars
– Johan Högberg / Rickenbacker bass, basspedals and mellotroneffects
– Anna Holmgren / flute
– Mattias Olsson / Sonor drumset, Zildjians cymbals, concert bass drum, triangles, tambourines, vibraslap, po-chung, gong, castanets, line-bells, cow-bell, wood-blcok, glockenspiel, tubular bells, bongos, bells, ice-bell, finger cymbals, waterfall, a-gogo bells, cabasa, claves, French cowbell, African drums, effect-flute

Djam Karet – Burning The Hard City (1991) U.S.A.

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Being called the “greatest undiscovered band in the world” by Electronic Musician magazine certainly qualifies the four-piece group known as Djam Karet for more recognition. Their CD, Burning The Hard City, is their 1991 release and features dual guitars (Gayle Ellett, Mike Henderson), keyboards, bass (Henry J. Osborne) and drums (Chuck Oken, Jr.) on seven extended tracks (six of which clock in at over eight minutes). The music offers tons of guitar histrionics, feedback, improvisations and, of course, wailing guitar solos (sometimes four to a tune). Having been compared to King Crimson and Pink Floyd, Djam Karet nevertheless delivers a signature hard, progressive, and futuristic sounding collection on Burning The Hard City. It’s highly unlikely fans of instrumental prog would be disappointed by this Southern California band’s recorded output — unique and visionary.

Genre: Eclectic Prog
Origin: United States

Studio Album, released in 1991

Track Listings

1. At The Mountains Of Madness (9:17)
2. Province 19: The Visage Of War (8:13)
3. Feast Of Ashes (10:46)
4. Grooming The Psychosis (11:57)
5. Topanga Safari (5:57)
6. Ten Days To The Sand (11:07)
7. Burning The Hard City (12:07)

Total Time: 70:01


– Gayle Ellett / electric 7-string and 6-string guitars, taped effects, keyboards, percussion
– Mike Henderson / electric twelve and six string guitars, effects, keyboards
– Chuck Oken, Jr. / drums, electronic, percussion, keyboards, synthesizer programming and sequencing
– Henry Osborne / electric bass, bottled bass, keyboards, percussion