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Electromagnets – Electromagnets II (2005) U.S.A

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electromagnets II

ELECTROMAGNETS was a Fusion band which was founded in 1973 and only recorded one album in 1974. Their music is very sophisticated and successfully fuses advanced Jazz concepts with raw rock music. The band was founded by Steve Barber and Bill Maddox under the name AUSSENHOROWITZ. For the recording of their self titled album they were joined by Kyle Brock and Eric Johnson. The album was well received among critics and Jazz-Rock fans, but unfortunately the band broke up shortly after the album was recorded.
The band reunited in 2005 and released ‘Electromagnets II’ , which is a very enjoyable album.

Genre: Jazz Rock/Fusion
Origin: United States

Studio album released in 2005


1 Pea Szong
2 Neon
3 Cannonball
4 Wake Up
5 Melvin & the Apes
6 Hunting Season
7 Simon’s Dance
8 Where I Wander
9 Chicken Pickin’

Line Up Musicians

Eric Johnson (guitar),
Bill Maddox (drums),
Steve Barber (keyboard),
Kyle Brock (bass)


Present – No 6 (1999) Belgium

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This came as a side project from Belgian avant-gardism group UNIVERS ZERO. As guitarist Roger Trigaux left that band, he got help from drummer Daniel Denis, A-M Polaris on vocals and Rochette on bass. Their music is incredibly somber (sinister is also appropriate) as it was on U Z but here the music is electrified, more energetic and more constructed, as there is “normal song construction” if that ever meant anything to those musicians. After two albums came a period were no albums came out for ten years, the band resuming activity in 95 with a live album. In the meantime Roger had released under that name a record where he duets with his son, and he would place in the group after along with the collaboration of Dave Kerman (5UU’S). The albums have been coming out at a regular pace the music gradually evolving towards an acoustic sound on the last album. PRESENT’s music is really hard to categorize and to give names of bands to tell you the sound would be misleading you.

PRESENT is recommended to progheads that are not afraid of musical adventures out of the ordinary with a gloomy twist.

RIO/Avant-Prog • Belgium

Studio Album, released in 1999

Songs / Tracks Listing

1-4. The Limping Little Girl (16:53)
Part 1: (3:07)
Part 2: (3:38)
Part 3: (5:18)
Part 4: (4:50)
5. Le Rôdeur (1:58)
7-12. Ceux D’en Bas (Suite) (19:30)
Part 1 Le Martin: (4:30)
Part 2 Le reve de la muit: (2:03)
Part 3 La realite: (1:36)
Part 4 Vers le cauchemar: (1:58)
Part 5 Le cauchemar Yo: (3:08)
Part 6 Le combat: (6:15)
13. Sworlf (8:31)

Total Time: 47:02
(Note: There is no track 6)

Line-up / Musicians

– Roger Trigaux / composition, vocals, musical direction, guitar on “Le Rôdeur”
– Reginald Trigaux / guitars, vocals
– Dave Kerman / drums, percussion, vocals
– Pierre Chevalier / pianos, mellotron, vocals
– Keith Macksoud / bass
– David Davister / drums & percussion on “Sworlf”

Guest musician:

– Yuval Mesner / cellos

Cressida – Asylum (1971) U.K.

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CRESSIDA were an excellent band of early British symphonic progressive scene. Their sound is mostly dominated by the most beautiful and symphonic Hammond organ (dirty, and mellow), piano, bass, guitar, and drums. The instrumental sections are equally good, and tend to be typical of early 70s English prog rock. Thanks to the captivating atmospheres and the technical ability of the musicians. Similar bands include FANTASY, BEGGARS’ OPERA, CIRKUS, GRACIOUS, and SPRING.

Both CRESSIDA albums are excellent and very rare now (both were original Vertigo “Swirls”). Their self-titled debut is an early seventies forgotten classic with delicate vocals, gobs of organ and acoustic guitar. CRESSIDA’s second “Asylum” is the best of the genre represented by BEGGARS’ OPERA, SPRING, FANTASY, FRUUPP, and many more. The combinations of instruments used for this album featuring the flute and different keyboard configurations accompanied by acoustic guitar works. This album, though, was by far the better one, with long instrumental passages and more elaborate arrangements. Thus, if you’re interested, “Asylum” is a recommended starter of great early British rock. DEFINITELY A CLASSIC!

Genre: Symphonic Prog
Origin: United Kingdom

Studio Album, released in 1971

Track Listings

1. Asylum (3:33)
2. Munich (9:33)
3. Goodbye post office tower, goodbye (2:50)
4. Survivor (1:34)
5. Reprieved (2:28)
6. Lisa (5:08)
7. Summer weekend of a lifetime (3:25)
8. Let them come when they will (11:44)

Total Time: 41:15

– Angus Cullen / vocals, guitar, percussion
– John Culley / lead guitar
– Peter Jennings / organ, piano
– Kevin McCarthy / bass
– Iain Clark / drums, percussion

guest musicians:

– Harold McNair / flute
– Paul Layton / acoustic guitar

Mezquita – Recuerdos De Mi Tierra (1979) Spain

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Fantastic symphonic progressive from Spain. MEZQUITA can be defined as a more Progressive MEDINA AZAHARA. The band consisted of Jose Rafael Garcia (guitar and vocals), Randy Lopez (bass, percussion and vocals), Rosca Lopez (keyboards and vocals), Rafael Zorilla (drums and vocals) and a violin-section. They incorporate ethnic Spanish influences into the music, and the madness is perfectly wound around tight melodic themes with Arabic and Flamenco textures. As with many of MEZQUITA’s contemporaries such as TRIANA and GRANADA, there is a strong KING CRIMSON influence. The level of comparisons should bring it into perspective, this is one of the supremely classic examples of European symphonic progressive rock.

The album ”Recuerdos De Mi Tierra” from ’79 contains six inventive and compelling tracks with exciting interplay between electric guitar and synthesizer, strong and expressive Spanish vocals, the emotional flamenco guitar and some handclapping (palmas).

Genre: Symphonic Prog
Origin: Spain

Studio Album, released in 1979

Track Listings

1. Recuerdos de mi Tierra 7:38
2. El bizco de los patios 4:15
3. Desde que somos dos 5:41
4. Ara buza(dame un beso) 4:30
5. Suicidijo 7:20
6. Obertura en Si bemol 6:01

Total time 35:15


– José Rafa / guitars, vocals
– Randy / bass, percussion, vocals
– Roscka / keyboards, vocals
– Zorrilla / drums, percussion, vocals


– José Azpiri / violin
– Santiago Crespo / violin
– Juan Ferrera / violin
– Manuel Lopez / cello

Rattlemouth – Walking A Full Moon Dog (1996) U.S.A.

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RIO/Avant-Prog • United States

Coming from Virginia, Rattlemouth did not begin as a band but more as practicing opportunity and looking for new ideas by two members from the Ululating Mummies namely Robbie Kinter (drums) and Danny Finney (saxophones). The two wanted to look together while practicing for new musical directions, new ideas and new ways to develop musically. Funnily enough, the projects name came from Danny’s son, Gaelan, who called his father a rattlemouth and they saw the suitability of it, as Danny is a saxophonist (mouth) and Robbie a drummer (rattle). This was in 1989. they began coming up with ideas and soon enough they had two tracks and several more ideas in their bag at which point they began doing shows.

Studio Album, released in 1996

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Bread Basket Economy (2:46)
2. Conical Skirts And Hats (2:37)
3. Thin Ballad of A Thick Man (2:39)
4. Plactypus (3:00)
5. Windshield Viper (5:33)
6. Frommage De Tete (3:36)
7. Hole In The Pocket Socialist (2:40)
8. Lumbering Thub (4:23)
9. Zagreb Cobbler (4:01)
10. Crab Nebula (3:29)
11. Bad Data (6:04)
12. Hummalong Combustion (6:02)

Total Time: 46:46

Line-up / Musicians

– Danny Finney / saxophone, voacls
– Robbie Kinter / vocals, drums
– Rebby Sharp / guitar

Abacus – Abacus (1971) Germany

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ABACUS is surely a big name for everyone interested in rock music. The band formed in 1971 made their breakthrough at the Germersheim rock festival, where ABACUS drew not less applause from the 300,000 visitors than PINK FLOYD, SANTANA or ELP which appeared on stage as well. Jürgen Wimpelberg takes on himself to play keyboards, guitars, drum programming as well as vocals.

Crossover Prog • Germany

Studio Album, released in 1971

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Pipedream Revisited Part 1 & II
2. Cappucino
3. Don’t Beat So On The Horses
4. Song For Brunhilde
5. Song For John And Yoko
6. Radbod Blues
7. Chestholder

Line-up / Musicians

– Felix Hans / drums, percussion
– Charlie Schade / guitar, sitar
– Chris Barutzky / keyboards
– Chris Williams / vocal
– Konstantin Bommarius / drums, percussion

Asia Minor – Landscape Pictures In Rock (1988) Turkey

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One of the many fantastic, obscure European progressive bands to be unearthed and made available to the prog-buying public is ASIA MINOR, who only released two very small-time albums in the late ’70s. This band took a more unusual twist on the genre popularised by CAMEL, with a mostly instrumental rock (what lyrics there are, are sung in a strangely accented English), with folk and ethnic influences, featuring much flute, guitar and keyboards.

Symphonic Prog • Turkey

Studio Album, released in 1988

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Preface (3:37)
2. Mahzun Gozler (5:00)
3. Mystic Dance (1:42)
4. Misfortune (3:08)
5. Landscape (2:33)
6. Visions (2:37)
7. Without Stir (1:48)
8. Hayal Dolu Gunler Icin (2:32)
9. Postface (2:02)

Total Time: 25:38

Line-up / Musicians

– Setrak Bakirel / guitars, bass
– Lionel Beltrami / drums, percussion
– Robert Kempler / bass
– Eril Tekeli / guitars, flute
– Nick Vicente / keyboards

Releases information

CD Master Plus 38016
This CD has the same track-listing as the first Asia Minor album, except most tracks are much shorter, with slightly different instrumentation and without any vocals. It might be a demo version of Crossing the Line. The cover art says “Produced by Alan Parson”