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Present – No 6 (1999) Belgium

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This came as a side project from Belgian avant-gardism group UNIVERS ZERO. As guitarist Roger Trigaux left that band, he got help from drummer Daniel Denis, A-M Polaris on vocals and Rochette on bass. Their music is incredibly somber (sinister is also appropriate) as it was on U Z but here the music is electrified, more energetic and more constructed, as there is “normal song construction” if that ever meant anything to those musicians. After two albums came a period were no albums came out for ten years, the band resuming activity in 95 with a live album. In the meantime Roger had released under that name a record where he duets with his son, and he would place in the group after along with the collaboration of Dave Kerman (5UU’S). The albums have been coming out at a regular pace the music gradually evolving towards an acoustic sound on the last album. PRESENT’s music is really hard to categorize and to give names of bands to tell you the sound would be misleading you.

PRESENT is recommended to progheads that are not afraid of musical adventures out of the ordinary with a gloomy twist.

RIO/Avant-Prog • Belgium

Studio Album, released in 1999

Songs / Tracks Listing

1-4. The Limping Little Girl (16:53)
Part 1: (3:07)
Part 2: (3:38)
Part 3: (5:18)
Part 4: (4:50)
5. Le Rôdeur (1:58)
7-12. Ceux D’en Bas (Suite) (19:30)
Part 1 Le Martin: (4:30)
Part 2 Le reve de la muit: (2:03)
Part 3 La realite: (1:36)
Part 4 Vers le cauchemar: (1:58)
Part 5 Le cauchemar Yo: (3:08)
Part 6 Le combat: (6:15)
13. Sworlf (8:31)

Total Time: 47:02
(Note: There is no track 6)

Line-up / Musicians

– Roger Trigaux / composition, vocals, musical direction, guitar on “Le Rôdeur”
– Reginald Trigaux / guitars, vocals
– Dave Kerman / drums, percussion, vocals
– Pierre Chevalier / pianos, mellotron, vocals
– Keith Macksoud / bass
– David Davister / drums & percussion on “Sworlf”

Guest musician:

– Yuval Mesner / cellos


Rattlemouth – Walking A Full Moon Dog (1996) U.S.A.

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RIO/Avant-Prog • United States

Coming from Virginia, Rattlemouth did not begin as a band but more as practicing opportunity and looking for new ideas by two members from the Ululating Mummies namely Robbie Kinter (drums) and Danny Finney (saxophones). The two wanted to look together while practicing for new musical directions, new ideas and new ways to develop musically. Funnily enough, the projects name came from Danny’s son, Gaelan, who called his father a rattlemouth and they saw the suitability of it, as Danny is a saxophonist (mouth) and Robbie a drummer (rattle). This was in 1989. they began coming up with ideas and soon enough they had two tracks and several more ideas in their bag at which point they began doing shows.

Studio Album, released in 1996

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Bread Basket Economy (2:46)
2. Conical Skirts And Hats (2:37)
3. Thin Ballad of A Thick Man (2:39)
4. Plactypus (3:00)
5. Windshield Viper (5:33)
6. Frommage De Tete (3:36)
7. Hole In The Pocket Socialist (2:40)
8. Lumbering Thub (4:23)
9. Zagreb Cobbler (4:01)
10. Crab Nebula (3:29)
11. Bad Data (6:04)
12. Hummalong Combustion (6:02)

Total Time: 46:46

Line-up / Musicians

– Danny Finney / saxophone, voacls
– Robbie Kinter / vocals, drums
– Rebby Sharp / guitar

Cheer-Accident – Fear Draws Misfortune (2009) U.S.A.

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cheer accident

Originally formed in 1981 by Chicago-based pianist and drummer Thymme Jones, Cheer-Accident has maintained an impressively eclectic approach to music-making throughout their lengthy career, releasing a slew of albums that range in style from noise rock to avant-prog to pop. Unsurprisingly for a band that has been active for well over twenty years, the line-up has shifted on more than one occasion (including the tragic and untimely loss of their then-guitarist Phil Bonnet in 1999), but throughout their career Cheer-Accident have continued to produce challenging and unique music; constantly refusing to pin themselves down to a single genre.

Comparisons to Thinking Plague and other American RIO-tinged avant-prog bands are justified but they do little to capture the utterly unique spirit and sound of this band. Highly recommended for fans of complex (but uncluttered), highly-composed and unpredictable avant-prog.

RIO/Avant-Prog • United States

Studio Album, released in 2009

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Sun Dies (5:49)
2. Mescalito (1:06)
3. And Then You Realize You Haven’t Left Yet (1:31)
4. Blue Cheadle (5:47)
5. Disenchantment (3:42)
6. The Carnal, Garish City (4:17)
7. According to the Spiral (2:48)
8. Humanizing the Distance (6:54)
9. Your Weak Heart (9:41)

Total Time 41:49

Line-up / Musicians

– Jeff Libersher / guitar, bass, trumpet, vocals
– Thymme Jones / drums, vocals, pseudo-marimba, synthesizer
– Alex Perkolup / bass

Guest musicians:

– Doug Abran / tenor sax
– Laura Boton / vocals
– Andrew Ciccone / clarinet
– Marketa Fajrajzlova / vocals
– Andra Faught / cornet, pseudo-bassoon
– Lise Gilly / alto sax
– Mike Hagedorn / trombone
– Carla Kihlstedt / vocals, violin
– Fred Lonberg-Holm / cello
– Rob Pleshar / tuba
– Julie Pomerleau / violin, viola
– Dave Smith / baritone sax
– Teria Gartelos Stamatis / vocals
– Aleksandra Tomaszewska / vocals
– Beth Yates / flute

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – Of Natural History (2004) U.S.A.

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Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – Of Natural History

Genre: RIO/Avant-Prog
Country : U.S.A.

Studio Album, released in 2004

Track Listings

1. A Hymn to the Morning Star (5:40)
2. The Donkey-Headed Adversary of Humanity Opens the Discussion (6:01)
3. Phthisis (3:44)
4. Bring Back the Apocalypse (4:10)
5. FC: The Freedom Club (10:48)
6. Gunday’s Child (6:56)
7. The 17-Year Cicada (3:41)
8. The Creature (6:00)
9. What Shall We Do Without Us? (2:38)
10. Babydoctor (13:59)
11. Cockroach (2:12)
12. Bonus-/Hiddentrack (5:56)

Total Time: 71:45


– Nils Frykdahl / guitars, flute, voice
Matthias Bossi / drums, glockenspiel, xylophone, voice
– Dan Rathbun / bass, log, roach, trombone, lute, voice
– Moe! Staiano / metal, wood, bowed spatula, glockenspiel, spring, paper
– Carla Kihlstedt / violins, percussion guitar, autoharp, organ, voice
– Frank Grau / drums, melodica

Zu – Carboniferous (2009) Italy

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RIO/Avant-Prog • Italy

Studio Album, released in 2009

Track Listings

1. Ostia (4:55)
2. Chthonian (6:48)
3. Carbon (4:24)
4. Beata Viscera (3:57)
5. Erinys (3:43)
6. Soulympics (5:05)
7. Axion (5:21)
8. Mimosa Hostilis (4:09)
9. Obsidian (6:29)
10. Orc (5:20)

Total Time 50:11


– Jacopo Battaglia / drums
– Massimo Pupillo /bass
– Luca T. Mai / saxophone

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – In Glorious Times (2007)

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Genre: RIO/Avant-Prog
Country : U.S.A.

Studio Album, released in 2007

Track Listings

1. The Companions
2. Helpless Corpses Enactment
3. Puppet Show
4. Formicary
5. Angle Of Repose
6. Ossuary
7. Salt Crown
8. Only Dance
9. Greenless Wreath
10. Widening Eye
11. Putrid Refrain


– Carla Kihlstedt / violin, percussion guitar, voice
– Dan Rathbun / bass, slide-piano log, pedal-action wiggler, cockroach, voice
– Nils Frykdahl / guitar, voice
– Matthias Bossi / drums, mallet, percussion, oration, voice
– Michael Mellender / ALL THINGS, voice

– Shinichi Momo Koga / scowls and contortion
– Allen Willner / lights and apples
– Olivia Oyama / sound and chess

The Science Group – Spoors (2003)

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Formed in 1997 by Chris Cutler and composer and multi-instrumentalist Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer, this group’s lineup also included in their two albums Bob Drake, Fred Frith, Claudio Puntin (from the Syntopia Quartet), Amy Denio and Mike Johnson (on the second album).
The two original members met already in 1981 in Tickmayer’s home town of Novi Sad and then only met again in the 1990’s when ReR, owned by Cutler, imported Tickmayer’s albums. The relationship deepened when Tickmayer invited Cutler to collaborate with him on scoring film music and in 1996 the idea came up to record music together, revolving around those aforementioned texts. Tickmayer composed the music in both albums and the second album is instrumental.
Their music, avant-rock, also incorporated elements from contemporary classical and jazz music, giving them an avant-garde edge.

Some changes from Volume One. These are Instrumental pieces, and the band is now a quartet. Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer, Bob Drake and Chris Cutler are joined by guitarist Mike Johnson of Thinking Plague. The music remains somewhere between intense contemporary complexity and rock – passing most points between. Tickmayer’s compositional language is….unique and complex and extremely broad – no influence is seemingly outlawed, and this makes for a genuinely unclassifiable form that resembles nothing else I have ever heard.

RIO/Avant-Prog • Multi-National

Studio Album, released in 2003

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Timeline 6 (2:28)
2. Timeline 2 (3:01)
3. Timeline 5 (5:55)
4. Slopes and Blind Alleys (1:42)
5. Dispersants (4:57)
6. Dance of the Arguments (3:25)
7. Interrupted Thoughts (1:14)
8. The Rejects (0:54)
9. Marching Off (5:38)
10. Slow Land (4:03)
11. Discrete Networks (4:20)
12. Niska Banja (2:15)
13. Tractate (4:36)
14. The Garden of Forking Paths (3:34)
15. Urban Music (8:20)

Line-up / Musicians

– Chris Cutler / drums, electronics
– Bob Drake / bass, occasional guitar and organ
– Mike Johnson / guitars
– Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer / keyboards, samples