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Guru Guru (1976) Germany

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“We`re not cosmic rock, we`re comic rock.”
Mani Neumeier, 1973

A free form jazz mentality, avoiding musical clichés and commercialism, has always characterized the music and philosophies of German freak `n roll band GURU GURU who have categorically occupied their own special stage within the realms of modern music. From it`s LSD induced origins in the late `60s to it`s present day configuration which still rocks and grooves with intensity, countless personnel changes have occurred making it more of a succession of musical ventures and concepts under the moniker GURU GURU, which came about as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the BEATLES and their guru worshipping of the late `60s. GURU GURU were one of the first bands to become associated with the German Krautrock movement from that era along with bands such as XHOL CARAVAN, AMON DUUL and CAN. However, the band was not partial to the absurd stereo-typing and preferred the terms “acid space” or simply, “acid rock” which better described their loud, trippy, improvisational music.

Krautrock • Germany

Studio Album, released in 1976

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Tomorrow
2. Tango fango
3. Soba soave bossanova
4. Un, deux, trois
5. Nightbear
6. Banana flip
7. L. torro
8. Salto Mortadella
9. Das lebendige Radio
10. Rattenfänger

Line-up / Musicians

– Ingo Bischof / keyboards
– Tommy Goldschmidt / percussion
– Sepp Jandrisits / guitar
– Jogi Karpentiel / bass
– Mani Neumeier / drums, keyboards, producer
– Roland Schaeffer / synthesizer, guitar


Eulenspygel – 2 (1971) Germany

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The ROYAL SERVANTS, forerunners of EULENSPYGEL, were formed in 1965 in Swabia/Germany. Starting up with beat music, they gradually turned to Blues Rock, finally Progressive Psychedelic and released one album named “We”. In early 1971, they were one of the first bands to write their songs in German. So they changed their name into EULENSPYGEL the same year and the first new release was named “2”, recorded at the Maschen studio near Hamburg. The front cover caused a scandal because of a burnt chicken and was later substituted. This album documents the awakening of the german rock music on the way to its own identity.

Musically they played on the same level as foreign bands including long instrumental parts, sometimes psychedelic coloured. Lyrics were full of social criticism.

Krautrock • Germany

Studio Album, released in 1971

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Till (3:45)
2. Son My (11:14)
3. Konsumgewäsche (4:03)
4. Staub Auf Deinem Haar (7:58)
5. Die Wunde Bleibt (1:58)
6. Das Lied Vom Ende (10:15)

Total Time: 39:13

Line-up / Musicians

– Matthias Thurow / guitars, violin
– Cornelius Hauptmann / flute
– Ronnie Libal / bass
– Detlev Nottrodt / guitars, vocals
– Günter Klinger / drums
– Rainer ‘Mulo’ Maulbetsch / vocals, harmonica
– Karl Heinz Grosshans / organ, vocals

Amon Duul II – Lemmingmania (1975) Germany

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AMON DÜÜL II was born of an artistic and political community called AMON DÜÜL (which recorded during the late sixties a long live session made around collective and free musical improvisations). The band emerged from the underground German rock scene with a very original and eccentric album called “Phallus Dei” (1969). The musicians who participated to this delirious and psychedelic experience were (among others) Peter Leopold (ex AMON DÜÜL), the front woman and singer Renate Knaup, John Weinzierl on the guitars… with guests as Holger Trützsch who plays tribal percussions (original member of Popol Vuh). Then almost with the same musicians the band recorded the seminal “Yeti” (1970). An album in a similar vein than the previous but more accomplished (with a few structured songs and numerous pieces of epic improvisations). “Yeti” will launch AMON DÜÜL II career outside Germany. The same year the bass guitarist Dave Anderson leaves the band to join HAWKWIND.

“Tanz Der Lemminge” which follows directly “Yeti” is an impressive work with a great diversity of powerful, emotional songs with some folk accents next to long free space jamming. Recorded in 1972, “Carnival in Babylon” announces a slight new musical direction taken by the band. This album is dominated by shorter songs with the omnipresent and beautiful Renate Knaup’s vocals. A more conventional work with a few memorable prog-folk ballads. The classical period of the band will end with “Wolf City” (1972) and “Viva La Trance” (1973). After the departure of Renate Knaup who joins Popol Vuh in 1974 and the release of a few albums, AMON DÜÜL II split up. In 1981, with the album “Vortex” Chris Karrer tried without success to reform the band.

Amon Duul II – Lemmingmania

Krautrock • Germany

Boxset/Compilation, released in 1975

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Archangel’s thunderbird (3:30)
2. Light (3:48)
3. Between the eyes (2:24)
4. Green bubble raincoated man (5:04)
5. Tables are turned (3:34)
6. Rattlesnakeplumcake (3:16)
7. All the years round (4:07)
8. Jail-house frog (4:54)
9. Soap shop rock (3:41)
10. Lemmingmania (3:00)

Total Time: 37:18

Line-up / Musicians

– Dave Anderson / bass (1-9)
– D. Secundus Fichelscher / drums
– Karl-Heinz Hausmann / keyboards & electronics (5-7)
– Chris Karrer / acoustic & electric guitars, violin, Soprano sax, vocals
– Renate Knaup-Krötenschwanz / vocals
– Peter Leopold / drums, synthesizers (4)
– Lothar Meid / bass, vocals
– Falk U. Rogner / organ, synthesizers
– Shrat / bongos, vocals (1-9)
– John Weinzierl / acoustic & electric guitars, vocals

+ Jimmy Jackson / piano, choir organ (4-8)
– Olaf Kübler / backing vocals (8)
– Rolf Zacher / backing vocals (8)

German Oak – German Oak (1972)

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A free form rock band founded by a small community of 5 German hippies / “avant garde” artists back at the beginning of the 70’s (Wolfgang Franz Czaika, as Caesar, is credited with “Lead- & Rhythmguitar”, Ullrich Kallweit, known as Ulli “Drums/Percussion”. His brother Harry Kallweit known as Harry, contributes “Electric bass/voice”, Manfred Uhr AKA Warlock on “Organ/fuzz-organ/voice” and Norbert Luckas AKA Nobbi on “Guitar/A77/Noises”). Their self title effort was published in 1972 in Düsseldorf at Luftschutzbunker (Air Raid Shelter) studio. The cover of their self title album (a militaristic image which is a portrait of the third Reich military force) provides an illustration of anger expressed by the WWII’s young generation against their parents. By consequence German Oak’s music is very tortured, dark and weird, dominated by heavy, “distorted” guitar solos & rhythms. The background creates “painful” & “ambient” sequences thanks to delay echoes, electronic “fuzzy” noises & repetitive bass lines. A funkadelic/jazzy felt punctuates with discretion this grandiose, “creepy” instrumental album.

Krautrock • Germany
Studio Album, released in 1972

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Airalert (1:55)
2. Down In The Bunker (17:57)
3. Raid Over Duesseldorf (15:42)
4. 1945 – Out Of The Ashes (2:13)

Total Time: 37:47

Witch & Warlock CD bonus tracks:
5. Swastika Rising (4:55)
6. The Third Reich (10:18)
7. Shadows Of War (5:54)
-a. Rain Of Destruction
-b. V1 To London

Total Time: 58:54

Line-up / Musicians

– Wolfgang Franz Czaika / lead & rhythm guitar
– Ullrich Kallweit / drums, percussion
– Harry Kallweit / bbass, voice
– Manfred Uhr / organ/fuzz-organ, voice
– Norbert Luckas / guitars & noises