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Strawbs – Dancing to the Devil’s Beat (2009) U.K.

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One of the better British progressive groups, The STRAWBS were a 60’s folk and medieval band turned prog-rock with the help of Dave COUSINS (the heart and soul of this group) and Rick WAKEMAN “master of the keyboards”. WAKEMAN is featured on the albums “Strawbs”, “Dragonfly”, “Just A Collection of…”, and “From The Witchwood” before he joined YES. The line-up for the group changed markedly over the years. Their sound has been in a state of constant evolution combining English folk and progressive sounds to form their unique style. Critics seem to have a preference for the STRAWBS in the early Seventies when the group consisted of Tony & John HOOPER, John FORD, Richard HUDSON and keyboard virtuoso Rick WAKEMAN. The group ceased to exist at the end of the 1970s, and COUSINS embarked on some solo projects. STRAWBS would appeal to fans of bands like FAIRPORT CONVENTION, STEELEYE SPAN, PENTANGLE, etc.

Prog Folk • United Kingdom

Studio Album, released in 2009

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Revenge (Can Be So Sweet (5:15)
2. Beneath The Angry Sky (4:27)
3. Copenhagen (4:44)
4. Pro Patria Suite (7:42)
(i) Back Along (We Were Young)
(ii) All For Each Other
(iii) Home Is Where The Heart Was Ever
5. Where Silent Shadows Fall (5:42)
6. The Man Who Would Never Leave Grimsby (4:59)
7. The Ballad Of Jay And Rose Mary (4:14)
8. Dancing To The Devil’s Beat (3:36)
9. Oh How She Changed (4:21)

Total Time: 45:20

Line-up / Musicians

– David Cousins / vocals, guitar, banjo, autoharp
– Dave Lambert / vocals, guitar
– Chas Cronk / vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards, programming
– Rod Coombes / drums
– Oliver Wakeman / keyboards, orchestration


Fuchsia – S/T (1971) U.K.

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Not to be confused with the flower (fuschia), this group took its name from Mervin Peake’s book Titus Groan (just like the proto-prog group of the same name, Steerpike and Gormenghast) and was the project of Tony Durant. Having dabbled in the music business since 66 (he started with Henry Cow’s Chris Cutler in a band called Louise), but leaving it for a University spell, he started writing again eventually forming a trio with drummer Gregory and bassist Day. But Durant was interested in using and integrating string instrument in another fashion than using them as a string section for embellishment, so they joined forces with a truio of classical music student babes (what a coincidence, them being a trio too . The project was contemporary of the start of ELO and Jan Dukes De Grey. The music developed then very charmingly as a folkish trio with extended strings arrangements integrated fully in their music.

The album was well received by the critics but insufficiently promoted, sank without a trace and the group did not manage to tour the university circuit to promote it either. The group disbanded a little later that year, but Durant revived it for further sessions in 75. The albums with all of those side-sessions got a release in 05. This historical album got a re-issue in the Cd format in 01

Prog Folk • United Kingdom

Studio Album, released in 1971

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Gone With The Mouse (4:59)
2. A Tiny Book (8:03)
3. Another Nail (6:57)
4. Shoes And Ships (6:14)
5. The Nothing Song (8:23)
6. Me And My Kite (2:34)
7. Just Anyone (3:33)

Total Time: 41:43

Line-up / Musicians

– Tony Durant / acoustic & electric guitars, vocals
– Michael Day / bass
– Michael Gregory / drums, percussion
– Janet Rogers / violin, backing vocals
– Madeleine Bland / cello, piano, harmonium, backing vocals
– Vanessa Hall-Smith / violin, backing vocals

Flor De Loto – Mundos Bizarros (2009) Peru

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Another gem from a great band!

FLOR DE LOTO’s prog style is based on a solid confluence of various sources: jazz, hard rock, psych-rock, Andean folk, chamber. The final result is somewhat similar to classic JETHRO TULL in places, but all in all, the typical South American ethnic flavors are heavily featured in a unique way. While keeping itself busy on stage presentations, the band started to create new material, oriented toward jazz fusion, clearly under Pérez’s refurbishing influence.

Prog Folk • Peru

Studio Album, released in 2009

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Intro (1:20)
2. La Fortaleza (3:39)
3. Volver a Nacer (5:40)
4. Shamballa (5:51)
5. Amnesia (4:43)
6. Danza Celta (Parte II) (3:28)
7. Habitante de Un Mundo Imaginario (4:36)
8. Nubes Oscuras (6:39)
9. Atlantis (5:48)
10. Noche Azul (3:36)
11. La Puerta Dorada (4:17)
12. Mundos Bizarros (11:31)
13. Bonus track: Nubes Oscuras (edit version) (4:55)

Total time: 66:03

Line-up / Musicians

– Alonso Herrera / electric & acoustic guitars, lead & backing vocals
– Junior Pacora / flutes, ocarinas, quenas, other ethnic woodwinds, backing vocals
– Alejandro Jarrín / bass, backing vocals
– Jorge Puccini / drums, percussion
– Gisela Ponce de León / guest backing vocals (5 & 12)

Tempest – Turn of the Wheel (1996) U.S.A.

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turn of the wheel

TEMPEST is a band with a modern folk-rock Progressive led by Lief SORBYE. Traditional instruments like Mandolins and Mandolas are used. “Turn Of The Wheel” includes the participation of Keith EMERSON on one track, while “The Tenth Anniversary Compilation” is a review of the group’s career. Recorded in 2001, “Balance” proves to be an excellent second album that is a little tougher, no doubt about it in order to justify their presence on this label with a very marked identity.

Prog Folk • United States

Studio Album, released in 1996

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. The Barrow Man (4:55)
2. Dunmore Lassies (3:16)
3. The Soul Cages (5:18)
4. Bogey’s Bonnie Belle (7:34)
5. The Midnight Sun (4:14)
6. Winding Road (3:37)
7. Bonden Og Kråka (The Farmer And The Crow) (6:26)
8. For Three Of Us (3:39)
9. Nine Points Of Roguery (5:47)
10. Cat In The Corner (8:27)

Total Time: 53:13

Line-up / Musicians

– Lief Sorbye / lead vocals, mandolins, octave mandolas, flute, harmonica, bodhran
– Rob Wullenjohn / guitars and harmony vocals
– Adolfo Lazo / drums
– Jay Nania / bass
– Michael Mullin / violin

– Keith Emerson / keyboards (#1)
– Robert Berry / keyboards and harmony vocals
– Jon Berger / violins and pennywhistle (#2)
– Chojo Jacques / violin (#5,#6,#8)

Gryphon – Red Queen to Gryphon Three (1974) U.K.

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Genre: Prog Folk
Origin: United Kingdom

Studio Album, released in 1974

Track Listings

Side 1

1. Opening Move (9:42)
2. Second Spasm (8:15)
Side 2
3. Lament (10:45)
4. Checkmate (9:50)

Total Time: 38:32


– Richard Harvey / keyboards, recorders, Krumhörn
– Brian Gulland / bassoon, Krumhörns
– David Oberlé / drums, percussion, & tymps
– Graeme Taylor / guitars
– Philip Nestor / bass guitar
– Ernest Hart / organ
– Peter Redding / acoustic bass

Sintesis – En Busca de una Nueva Flor (1978)

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SINTESIS is one of fews Cuban Symphonic Rock group formed at the end of 1976 when the vocal quartet TEMA IV join another musician wich purpose is to mix the Afro Cuban folklore with elements of PINK FLOYD, GENESIS, EL&P, RUSH, QUEEN and YES.

Prog Folk • Cuba

Studio Album, released in 1978

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Nueve Ejemplares… NO Tan Raros (8:09)
2. Ven A Encontrarnos (3:10)
3. Primera Noche (7:30)
4. Somos La Flor (6:16)
5. Poema (5:26)
6. EN Busca De Una Nueva Flor (6:55)
Bonus TRACK:
7. Variaciones Sobre Un Zapateo (6:20)
8. Elogio De La Danza (9:34)

Total Time: 53:22

Line-up / Musicians

– Miguel (Mike) Porcel / vocals, 12 string guitar
– Jose Maria Vitier / piano, keyboards
– Carlos Alfonso / vocals, guitar
– Ele Valdes / vocals, synthesizer
– Silvia Acea / vocals, organ
– Eliseo Pino / vocals, acoustic guitar on 2
– Fernando Calveiro / guitar
– Enrique Lafuente / bass
– Frank Padilla / drums