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La Torre Dell Alchimista – Neo (2007) Italy

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Studio Album, released in 2007

Track Listings

1. Disimmetrie (6:56)
– Golem (Storia Di Una Goccia)
– Suoni Di Plastica
2. Medusa (8:27)
– Fede
– Fuga
– Corale
– Samba V
3. Idra (1:51)
4. Risveglio, Procreazione E Dubbio Pt. I (11:31)
– Preludio
– Primo Esperimento
– Secondo Esperimento
– Dubbio
5. L’Amore Diverso (2:28)
6. Cerbero (9:25)
– Promenade
– Le Tre Teste
– La Guerra All’Idrogeno
7. Risveglio, Procreazione E Dubbio Pt. II (9:31)
– Epilogo
– Coda
– L’Addio

Total Time: 50:06


– Michele Mutti / acoustic and electric piano, Hammond C3, Minimoog, organ, synth, Mellotron
– Michele Giardino / vocals
– Davide Donadoni / bass guitar
– Michelangelo Donadini / drums, percussion

Guest musicians:

– Matteo Rigamonti / acoustic and electric guitars
– Mauro Donini / soprano sax
– Francesca Arancio / violino
– Giovanni Bertocchi / flute


La Torre Dell Alchimista – S/T (2001) Italy

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LA TORRE DELL’ALCHIMISTA is a new Italian Progressive band that we can add to a list that is getting longer and longer since about thirty years. Focused around a twin keyboard attack, strong lead flute, and confident warm Italian vocals, La Torre combines classic Italian symphonic rock with a modern sensibility. Some have compared the band to a cross between BANCO DEL MUTUO SOCCORSO and SOLARIS.

Their first eponymous album recorded in 2001 seems to have come straight from the 70’s, and shows a lot of keyboards parts. The acoustic guitar and the flute replace without problems the electric guitar, while this very Latin voice becomes highly charming.

Genre: Rock Progressivo Italiano
Origin: Italy

Studio Album, released in 2001

Track Listings

1. Eclisse (6:02)
2. Delirio (In Do Minore) (4:00)
3. La Torre dell’Alchimista (6:48)
4. Il Volo (5:53)
5. L’Apprendista (6:50)
6. I Figli Della Mezzanotte (4:48)
7. La Persistenza Della Memoria (3:06)
8. Lo Gnomo (4:26)
9. Acquario (8:10)

Total Time: 50:03


– Ceraolo Silva / flute
– Donadoni Davide / bass, alto clarinet on 4
– Giardino Michele / lead vocals, chorus, acoustic guitar on 1,8
– Mosconi Noberto / drums, acoustic guitar on 4
– Mutti Michele / hammond organ, fender piano, piano, keyboards, mellotron, synthesizer

Hostsonaten – Mirrorgames (1998)

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FINISTERRE’s bass player Fabio Zuffanti released three albums of his own compositions under the name of “HOSTSONATEN”. Symphonic band with the participation of FINISTERRE members. The music is pretty much on that band’s style, a little less classic prog driven. Good flute passages feature on their symphonic music as well.

Rock Progressivo Italiano • Italy

Studio Album, released in 1998

Track Listings

1. The Dream (24:21)
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI
Part VII
2. Mirrorcloud (8:46)
3. Season of Eve (8:32)
4. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Part II (8:51)
5. There’s a certain Slant ogf Light (2:21)
6. Ellipsis (17:25)
i) Origin
ii) In Focus
iii) Signal
iv) Transparence
v) Twilight Dance
vi) Return

Total Time: 69:56


– Fabio Zuffanti / guitars, bass, bass pedals, keyboards, vocals
– Stefano Marelli / lead & classical guitars, choir
– Osvaldo Giordano / keyboards
– Boris Valle / piano, Minimoog
– Marco Moro / flute
– Edmond Romano / sax, recorders, Tin whistle, Bodhram
– Andrea Orlando / drums, percussions
– Claudio Castellini / vocals on ” The rime…”, choirs
– Victoria Heward, Lorendana Villanacci, Marilisa Villanacci, Marzia Sidri / choirs

Capricorn College – Orfeo 2000 (1974)

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orfeo 2000

Capricorn College is one of those borderline italian progressive rock bands from the seventies that tried to surface.

Led by composer Mario Barigazzi, the band only released two albums on the Kansas label, both containing a mix of early 70’s italian melodic pop with clear progressive inspiration.
The first one, in particular, titled “Orfeo 2000”, is generally regarded as the best of the two, especially for the instrumental parts, while the second, released as Barimar & Capricorn College, contains shorter songs. The band also released five singles.
The band split after the second LP, in 1974.

Capricorn College – Orfeo 2000

Studio Album, released in 1972

Origin: Italy
Genre: Rock Progressivo Italiano

Track Listings

1. Io Più Te (3:31)
2. Adamitico Sound (5:41)
3. Particolare Amore (4:25)
4. Flash Discorsivo (1:30)
5. Cenacolo ’70 (5:02)
6. Orfeo 2000 (5:00)
7. Anatomia Di Una Notte (3:28)
8. Why (3:40)
9. Corri, Corri, Corri (3:40)
10. Sei Giorni Su Sei (3:57)


Nino Antonino / guitar, II flure, bongos, chant
Pino Ferro / II guitar, chant
Oreste ferro / bass, chant
Adamo Biello / drum, percussion, chant
Alifranchini Guerrino / flute, tenor sax
Mario Barigazzi (Barimar) / piano, organ, harpsichord, eminent 310, tumbe, arrengement and direction