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5UU’S – Hunger’s Teeth (1994)

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Dave Kerman founded his own band, the 5UU’s, in 1984. Inspired by the European “Rock In Opposition” (RIO) movement’s uncompromising stance, and devoted to a concept of song-oriented music with emphasis on short pieces, lyrics, and melodies, the 5UU’s created a sound that was a distinctly American version of R.I.O.-inspired rock. Their music is a constantly changing stream of ideas, very complex, with irregular time sigs and liberal use of disonnance within their melodic framework. “Hunger’s Teeth” is probably the best place to start for a symphonic prog fan trying to get into RIO. This is a group in the tradition of Henry COW, UNIVERS ZERO and U TOTEM. RIO fans will enjoy this music…!

RIO/Avant-Prog • United States

Studio Album, released in 1994

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Well… Not Chickenshit (6:35)
2. Roan (3:03)
3. Mangate (2:55)
4. Geronimo (4:51)
5. Glue (2:41)
6. Opportunity Bangs (5:18)
7. The Shears (1:25)
8. Bachelor Needle (2:16)
9. Truth, Justice, and the American Way (5:35)
10. Equus (5:06)
11. Traveler Waits for No One (3:27)

Total Time: 43:52

Line-up / Musicians

– Sanjay Kumar / keyboards
– David Kerman /drums, guitars, keyboards
– Bob Drake / vocals, basses, guitars, violins

– Thomas Dimuzio / electronics
– Susanne Lewis / vocals
– James Grigsby / guitar, vibes, bass
– Michelle Bos / utensils, penny fountain, skydiving ocarinas, metal tables, creaks, blue rocks


Arzachel – S/T (1969)

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Comprised of what was then the band URIEL, this was the earliest formation of Steve HILLAGE and Dave STEWART. ARZACHEL had two things which helped transition it to be CD era: the music is a head above most other psych rarities, and the four musicians later achieved marginal success within the ’70s progressive rock “Canterbury scene”.

The record itself featured some of the most explosive psychedelia by an English group. The sound of sustained keyboard and guitar passages are full blown drawn-out psychedelia of the highest order, think EGG, GONG, NATIONAL HEALTH, CARAVAN etc. Collectors of rare psychedelia recognize ARZACHEL’s sole LP as being one of the most desired (and pricey) relics from the late ’60s.

Genre: Psychedelic/Space Rock
Origin: United Kingdom

Studio Album, released in 1969

Track Listings

1. Garden of Earthly Delights (2:40)
2. Azathoth (4:11)
3. Queen Street gang (4:20)
4. Leg (5:31)
5. Clean innocent fun (10:24)
6. Metempsychosis (16:19)

Total Time: 43:25


– Basil Dowling (Clive Brooks) / drums
– Njerogi Gategaka (Mont Campbell) / bass, vocals
– Sam Lee-Uff (Dave Stewart) / organ
– Simeon Sasparella (Steve Hillage) / guitar, vocals


The Enid – The Seed and the Sower (1988)

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theseed and the sower

Studio Album, released in 1988

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Chaldean Crossing
2. A Bar of Shadow
3. La Rage
4. Longhome
5. Earthborn
6. Reverberations

Bonus Tracks:

7. The Change
8. The Jack
9. Flames of Power (from Salome)

Line-up / Musicians

– Niall Feldman / bass
– Robert John Godfrey / keyboards
– Damian Risdon / drums
– Stephen Stewart / guitars
+ Geraldine Connor / voice of “Earthborn” (5)
– Troy Donnockley / low whistles

The Enid – Sundialer (1995)

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British group THE ENID were formed around the founder/keyboardist Robert John GODFREY (BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST) and his fellow founder-members, guitarists Stephen STEWART and Francis LICKERISH in 1974. Almost like a combination of classical and rock, the band combined vast orchestral movements, exclusively classical instrumentation, rigourous construction completely well-written and romantic rock music led by composer Robert John GODFREY. For the most part the albums have some orchestrated sound, all created using the standard guitars, basses, keyboards and drums. THE ENID are probably the TOP of the symphonic tradition.

Genre: Symphonic Prog
Origin: United Kingdom

Studio Album, released in 1995

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Sundialer
2. Chaldean Crossing [remix]
3. Dark Hydraulic [remix]
4. Ultra Violet Cat
5. Salome 95 [remix]

Line-up / Musicians

– Robert John Godfrey / keyboards
– Stephen Stewart / guitars, synths and vocals
– Nick May / guitars
– Steve Hughes / drums and percussion
– Max Read / vocal FX on “Ultra Violet Cat”
– Damian Risdon / Shaker on “Chaldean Crossing”
– Troy Donockley / Low Whistles on “Chaldean Crossing”
– Kes / vocal FX on “Salome 95”
– Tobey Horsenail / vocal FX on “Salome 95”
– Torin / vocal FX on “Salome 95”

German Oak – German Oak (1972)

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A free form rock band founded by a small community of 5 German hippies / “avant garde” artists back at the beginning of the 70’s (Wolfgang Franz Czaika, as Caesar, is credited with “Lead- & Rhythmguitar”, Ullrich Kallweit, known as Ulli “Drums/Percussion”. His brother Harry Kallweit known as Harry, contributes “Electric bass/voice”, Manfred Uhr AKA Warlock on “Organ/fuzz-organ/voice” and Norbert Luckas AKA Nobbi on “Guitar/A77/Noises”). Their self title effort was published in 1972 in Düsseldorf at Luftschutzbunker (Air Raid Shelter) studio. The cover of their self title album (a militaristic image which is a portrait of the third Reich military force) provides an illustration of anger expressed by the WWII’s young generation against their parents. By consequence German Oak’s music is very tortured, dark and weird, dominated by heavy, “distorted” guitar solos & rhythms. The background creates “painful” & “ambient” sequences thanks to delay echoes, electronic “fuzzy” noises & repetitive bass lines. A funkadelic/jazzy felt punctuates with discretion this grandiose, “creepy” instrumental album.

Krautrock • Germany
Studio Album, released in 1972

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Airalert (1:55)
2. Down In The Bunker (17:57)
3. Raid Over Duesseldorf (15:42)
4. 1945 – Out Of The Ashes (2:13)

Total Time: 37:47

Witch & Warlock CD bonus tracks:
5. Swastika Rising (4:55)
6. The Third Reich (10:18)
7. Shadows Of War (5:54)
-a. Rain Of Destruction
-b. V1 To London

Total Time: 58:54

Line-up / Musicians

– Wolfgang Franz Czaika / lead & rhythm guitar
– Ullrich Kallweit / drums, percussion
– Harry Kallweit / bbass, voice
– Manfred Uhr / organ/fuzz-organ, voice
– Norbert Luckas / guitars & noises


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Very good band from Finland with an intricate music that ranges over classic prog, jazz, blues, techno, and more. There is intensive use of endless instruments. The compositions make use of a great variety of unpredictable arrangements that make the sound difficult to describe. Extremely creative and insanely courageous. I can’t stop recommending this band. Recommended to demending ear listeners.

Genre: RIO/Avant-Prog
Origin: Finland

Studio Album, released in 1995

Track Listings

1. Örn (3:58)
2. Raskaana (3:10)
3. Hämärän joutomaa (7:07)
4. Pannuhuoneesta (2:08)
5. Luottamus (4:30)
6. Kaivoonkatsoja (4:00)
7. Kosto (5:57)
8. Hätä (3:42)
9. Myrskynmusiikkia (6:46)
10. Hyönteiset (3:13)

Total Time: 46:45


– Jukka Hannukainen / vocals, synths, programming
– Teemu Hänninen / drums
– Tuomas Hänninen / guitars
– Jussi Kärkkäinen / guitars, pump organ
– Nina Lehos / oboe
– Topi Lehtipuu / vocals, violin
– Marko Manninen / cello
– Jarno Sarkula / bass, pump organ


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Genre: RIO/Avant-Prog
Origin: Finland

Studio Album, released in 1997

Track Listings

1. Beata Viscera (6:53)
2. Terva-Antti Ku Häihin Lähti (4:02)
3. Karhunkaato (4:21)
4. Lumisaha (4:39)
5. Baksteri (1:57)
6. Huono Parturi (4:52)
7. Ullakon Lelut (2:19)
8. Tottele (2:39)
9. Kala (5:11)
10. Laahustaja (6:21)
11. Laina-Ajalla (5:27)

Total Time: 46:24


– Topi Lehtipuu / vocals, violin
– Jarno Sarkula / basses, flute, backing vocals
– Jussi Kärkkäinen, guitars
– Tuomas Hänninen / guitars
– Teemu Hänninen / drums
– Marko Manninen / cello
– with Peter Nordins / drums