Guru Guru (1976) Germany


“We`re not cosmic rock, we`re comic rock.”
Mani Neumeier, 1973

A free form jazz mentality, avoiding musical clichés and commercialism, has always characterized the music and philosophies of German freak `n roll band GURU GURU who have categorically occupied their own special stage within the realms of modern music. From it`s LSD induced origins in the late `60s to it`s present day configuration which still rocks and grooves with intensity, countless personnel changes have occurred making it more of a succession of musical ventures and concepts under the moniker GURU GURU, which came about as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the BEATLES and their guru worshipping of the late `60s. GURU GURU were one of the first bands to become associated with the German Krautrock movement from that era along with bands such as XHOL CARAVAN, AMON DUUL and CAN. However, the band was not partial to the absurd stereo-typing and preferred the terms “acid space” or simply, “acid rock” which better described their loud, trippy, improvisational music.

Krautrock • Germany

Studio Album, released in 1976

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Tomorrow
2. Tango fango
3. Soba soave bossanova
4. Un, deux, trois
5. Nightbear
6. Banana flip
7. L. torro
8. Salto Mortadella
9. Das lebendige Radio
10. Rattenfänger

Line-up / Musicians

– Ingo Bischof / keyboards
– Tommy Goldschmidt / percussion
– Sepp Jandrisits / guitar
– Jogi Karpentiel / bass
– Mani Neumeier / drums, keyboards, producer
– Roland Schaeffer / synthesizer, guitar


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