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Karcius – Episodes (2008) Canada

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Genre: Jazz Rock/Fusion
Origin: Canada

Studio Album, released in 2008

Track Listings

1. Elements I : Submersion (9:45)
2. Elements II : Sol (8:38)
3. Elements III : Combustion (12:23)
4. Incident (8:39)
5. Levant (2:26)
6. Purple King (7:35)
7. Racines (8:54)

Total Time : 58:20


– Simon L’Espérance / guitars
– Dominique Blouin / bass
– Thomas Brodeur / drums
– Mingan Sauriol / keyboards


Karcius – Kaleidoscope (2006) Canada

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Genre: Jazz Rock/Fusion
Origin: Canada

Studio Album, released in 2006

Track Listings

1. Hypothèse A (6:44)
2. Maintenant (6:02)
3. Destination (6:10)
4. Tunnel (7:11)
5. Hypothèse B (11:02)
6. A-0-14 (5:10)
7. Épilogue (6:35)
8. Hypothèse C (7:56)

Total Time: 56:50


– Dominique Blouin / bass
– Simon L’Espérance / guitar
– Mingan Sauriol / keyboards
– Thomas Brodeur / drums

Karcius – Sphere (2004) Canada

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KARCIUS is an instrumental group aiming at playing a mix of progressive rock and fusion jazz music. Four instrumentalists created the band at spring 2001: Dominique Blouin on bass, Thomas Brodeur on drums, Simon L’Espérance on guitars and Mingan Sauriol on keyboards. The group objective is to develop different musical ideas and explore styles to generate a surprising and diversified music. The improvisation and written music stand side by side generating a unique and particular musical concept. KARCIUS invites you in its universe of rhythms, colours, images, emotions and ambiances.

KARCIUS exceptionnal musicians devotes unceasing work and true passion to their art.


Karcius – Sphere

Genre: Jazz Rock/Fusion
Origin: Canada

Studio Album, released in 2004

Track Listings

1. Kunidé (7:31)
2. Liquid meat (5:55)
3. Evolution (3:14)
Lunatik (tracks 4, 5 & 6) (18:33)
4. Highway to the moon
5. Synapse
6. Back to earth
7. 1111 (8:24)
8. Labyrinthe (9:03)
9. Bois ta musique (4:24)
10. Absolute decadence (10:21)

Total Time: 67:23


– Dominque Blouin / bass
– Simon L’Esperance / guitars
– Mingan Sauriol / keyboards
– Thomas Brodeur / drums

Fermata – Biela planeta (1980) / Generation (1981) (remasters 2009)Slovakia

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Fermáta is a Slovak group that formed in 73, from the association of guitarist Frantisek Griglak (ex-Collegium Musicum and Prudy) and keyboardist Thomas Berka. Apparently their brand of instrumental jazz-rock was at best approved, at worst tolerated by the Communist regime as they released all their albums on the state apparatchik label Opus. Indeed, their music has been compared to Spain’s Iceberg or Holland’s Finch, but this writer wouldn’t hesitate to talk of Mahavishnu Orchestra as well, at least for their first few albums.

Both Griglak and Berka would be the mainstays of an otherwise often-changing line-up, even if Karol Olah held the drum stool from their third album until the mid-80’s at least. Right from their first album, Fermáta posessed some quality western instruments like Gibson, Fender, Rickenbacker and the full array of keyboards except the Mellotron and the Moog, which might be a bit surprising for a band that was under scrutiny of the closed-borders regime. Their music slowly degraded to a synthesized rock of Ad Libitum in the mid-80’s. Apparently still alive today, the group still releases the odd album.

Jazz Rock/Fusion • Slovakia

CD1 – Biela planeta

1. Cook
2. Magellan
3. Amundsen
4. Polo
5. Da Gama
6. Humboldt
7. Kolumbus
8. Livingstone

CD2 – Generation

1. Prerusenie / Tie-Break
2. Vina del Mar
3. Kalamita / Calamity
4. Gastronomicke radosti / Gastronomic Pleasures
5. Dubaky / Boleti
6. Zadane / Reserve
7. K.O.

Line-up / Musicians

– Tomás Berka / keyboards
– Fedor Freso / bass
– Frantisek Griglák / guitars, Moog (6-7)
– Jozef Hanák / harmonica
– Jozef Krajčovič / tenor saxophone
– Karol Oláh / drums, percussion

Electromagnets – Electromagnets II (2005) U.S.A

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electromagnets II

ELECTROMAGNETS was a Fusion band which was founded in 1973 and only recorded one album in 1974. Their music is very sophisticated and successfully fuses advanced Jazz concepts with raw rock music. The band was founded by Steve Barber and Bill Maddox under the name AUSSENHOROWITZ. For the recording of their self titled album they were joined by Kyle Brock and Eric Johnson. The album was well received among critics and Jazz-Rock fans, but unfortunately the band broke up shortly after the album was recorded.
The band reunited in 2005 and released ‘Electromagnets II’ , which is a very enjoyable album.

Genre: Jazz Rock/Fusion
Origin: United States

Studio album released in 2005


1 Pea Szong
2 Neon
3 Cannonball
4 Wake Up
5 Melvin & the Apes
6 Hunting Season
7 Simon’s Dance
8 Where I Wander
9 Chicken Pickin’

Line Up Musicians

Eric Johnson (guitar),
Bill Maddox (drums),
Steve Barber (keyboard),
Kyle Brock (bass)

Planet X – Quantum (2007) U.S.A.

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Keyboardist Derek Sherinian, guitarist Tony MacAlpine, drummer Virgil Donati and guest musicians beat you in the face with high intensity chops. They recorded the album “Planet X”, that would later give its name to his future band. PLANET X is a Traditional Hard Rock Band – with influences that range from the 60’s and 70’s, to the 90’s, from classic rock artists such as BOSTON, UFO and DEEP PURPLE.

They perform a truly original music, their own blend of the meeting of heavy-metal, progressive rock and jazz-rock. “Moonbabies” (2002) includes the exceptional participation of bassist Billy SHEEHAN (WHITESNAKE). If you are a fan of chops records this will satisfy.

Jazz Rock/Fusion • United States

Studio Album, released in 2007

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Alien Hip-Hop (7:09)
2. Desert Girl (6:02)
3. Matrix Gate (4:07)
4. The Thinking Stone (4:10)
5. Space Foam (4:44)
6. Poland (5:21)
7. Snuff (4:55)
8. Kingdom Of Dreams (6:46)
9. Quantum Factor (7:09)

Total Time: 50:33
Line-up / Musicians

– Derek Sherinian / keyboards
– Virgil Donati / drums


– Brett Garsed / guitar
– Allan Holdsworth / guitar (2), guitar solo (4)
– Jimmy Johnson / bass
– Rufus Philpot / bass (5,9)
– Virgil Donati / orchestration (1)

Il Baricentro – Sconcerto (1976)

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review :

Review by Ricochet
SPECIAL COLLABORATOR Electronic Prog & Art Rock Specialist

4 stars
A “sconcert” that’s full of vitamins, juicy stuff, drifting talent and consistent music – and of progressive rock, kudos to the mixture of 70s rock and original jazz creating a warm combination of colors and liquid fireworks; this is how Baricentro’s first album (far from calling it a simple debut, it’s too strong) sounds like, down the more or less usual path of jazz-rock, fusion heat, electric melodism and rock composer. Its field isn’t powerful enough to bring a swell impression, its pleasure, instead, is half the great quality that’s installed in this album.

Genre: Jazz Rock/Fusion
Origin: Italy

Studio Album, released in 1976

Track Listings

1. Sconcerto (4:58)
2. Lido Bianco (10:04)
3. Meridioni E Paralleli (6:15)
4. Afka (6:11)
5. Pietre Di Luna (4:29)
6. Della Venis (4:16)
7. Comunque… (Todo Modo) (5:27)

Total Time: 41:40


– Francesco Boccuzzi / keyboards, guitars, percussion
– Vanni Boccuzzi / keyboards, percussion
– Tonio Napolitano / bass, percussion
– Piero Mangini / drums, percussion