Shub-Niggurath – Les morts vont vite (1986) France


SHUB-NIGGURATH was formed in 1983 and consisted of six musicians: Allan Ballaud on bass, percussionist Franck Coulaud, Frank Fromy on guitar and percussion, Jean-Luc Herve on harmonium, piano and organ, vocalist Ann Stewart, and a trombone/bass player Veronuque Verdier. The band released their first untitled demo on 1985 and got good feedback from critics. The promising debut album, “Les Morts Von Vite”, was released on Musea label in 1987. The album received good reviews and is their finest moment: it caught the band at the peak of their creativity. Musea reissued this album on CD in 1997, including two rare bonus tracks.

SHUB-NIGGURATH’s best album is the debut, and it’s also the best place to start exploring their music. However, their career has been fairly consistent and the other two albums are quality efforts.

If you like dark, brooding mix of RIO and Zeuhl you will like SHUB-NIGGURATH. their avant-ish dark prog with a sharp edge is both unique and challenging.

Zeuhl • France

Studio Album, released in 1986

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Incipit Tragaedia (15:46)
2. Cabine 67 (5:55)
3. Yog Sothoth (12:27)
4. La Ballade De Lénore (8:58)
5. Delear Prius (4:03)
6. J’ai Vu Naguère En Peinture Les Harpies Ravissant Le Repas De Phynée (4:19)

Total time 51:28

(These are the real track times; the cover of the CD indicates other track lengths, but they are incorrect.)

Line-up / Musicians

– Alain Ballaud / bass
– Franck Coulaud / drums
– Franck W. Fromy / guitar
– Jean-Luc Herve / piano, organ and harmonium
– Ann Stewart / voice
– Véronique Verdier / trombone
– Michel Kervinio / drums and percussion


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