Karcius – Sphere (2004) Canada

KARCIUS is an instrumental group aiming at playing a mix of progressive rock and fusion jazz music. Four instrumentalists created the band at spring 2001: Dominique Blouin on bass, Thomas Brodeur on drums, Simon L’Espérance on guitars and Mingan Sauriol on keyboards. The group objective is to develop different musical ideas and explore styles to generate a surprising and diversified music. The improvisation and written music stand side by side generating a unique and particular musical concept. KARCIUS invites you in its universe of rhythms, colours, images, emotions and ambiances.

KARCIUS exceptionnal musicians devotes unceasing work and true passion to their art.


Karcius – Sphere

Genre: Jazz Rock/Fusion
Origin: Canada

Studio Album, released in 2004

Track Listings

1. Kunidé (7:31)
2. Liquid meat (5:55)
3. Evolution (3:14)
Lunatik (tracks 4, 5 & 6) (18:33)
4. Highway to the moon
5. Synapse
6. Back to earth
7. 1111 (8:24)
8. Labyrinthe (9:03)
9. Bois ta musique (4:24)
10. Absolute decadence (10:21)

Total Time: 67:23


– Dominque Blouin / bass
– Simon L’Esperance / guitars
– Mingan Sauriol / keyboards
– Thomas Brodeur / drums


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