Alpes & Catherine Ribeiro – Ame Debout (1971) France

Led by Patrice Moullet, ALPES was founded in 1970 with Catherine Ribeiro as the lead singer. A very original band, highly prolific throughout the 70’s and still alive. Their music is rather experimental and hard to define and involves folk, progressive and improvisation. Patrice Moullet is the inventor of several musical instruments amongst which include the “Cosmophone” and the “Percuphone”. In a similar vocal style to Brigitte Fontaine, Catherine Ribeiro’s low voice tone may also evoke Nico at times and is theatrical and declamatory. There’s often an intense dramatic tension in the singing. The debut albums are the best, and “Paix”, with its two long suites, is considered the most progressive and is the best one to start with.

Studio Album, released in 1971

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Ame Debout (7:54)
2. Diborowska (3:39)
3. Alpes 1 (5:46)
4. Alpes 2 (6:22)
5. Alpilles (1:25)
6. Aria Populaire (2:09)
7. Le Kleenex, Le Drap De Lit Et L’étendard (3:28)
8. Dingue (4:36)

Total Time 35:19

Line-up / Musicians

– Patrice Moullet / cosmophone, acoustic guitar
– Claude Thiebaut / percuphone
– Patrice Lemoine / organ
– Catherine Ribeiro / vocals


2 Responses to “Alpes & Catherine Ribeiro – Ame Debout (1971) France”

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  2. Just love this album (and band). So much great emotion…just wrote about it too on my music blog. Thanks for keeping this music alive!

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