Clearlight – Forever Blowing Bubbles (1975)France


Genre: Symphonic Prog
Origin: France

Studio Album, released in 1975

Track Listings

1. Chanson (4:45)
2. Without Words (7:40)
3. Way (8:15)
4. Ergotrip (6:24)
5. Et pendant ce temps la (4:42)
6. Narcisse et Goldmund (2:39)
7. Jungle bubbles (2:42)

Bonus tracks on cd release:

8. Sweet absinthe (7:48)
9. Without words (Mellotron remix) (7:43)
10. Flute aquatique (2:45)

Total Time: 55:28


– Bob Boisadan / keyboards, synths.
– Jean-Claude D’Agostini / guitars, flute
– Joel Dugrenot / lead vocals, bass
– François Jeanneau / bubbles synthetizers, flute, soprano sax
– Christos Stapinopoulos / drums, congas
– Cyrille Verdeaux / keyboards, gongs, congas, synthesizers, Mellotron, glockenspiel
– Amanda & Ann / celestial choir
– Gilbert Artman / drums, percussion, vibraphone, maracas
– Christian Boulé / cosmic guitar
– David Cross / violins
– Brigitte Roy / vocals (6)
– Bruno Verdeaux / synthesizer, aquatic congas


4 Responses to “Clearlight – Forever Blowing Bubbles (1975)France”

  1. hppp://

  2. Holy fookin sheet! Lossless? I love you forever!
    (didn’t even know this ever got released on CD!)

  3. Hi. I already own the original CD issue of FOREVER BLOWING BUBBLES. I would very much like to hear the “Melltron remix” bonus track of ‘Without Words’ but it is not possible for me to download your FLAC files, because my PC tells me that the download will take anywhere between 16 and 93 hours. From experience, I know that such long downloads will certainly break down before completion. Could you please post (or email me) an ordinary, small mp3 of this track? I would really appreciate it.

  4. Dude fucking awesome. I was looking for this everywhere in flac

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