Electromagnets – Electromagnets II (2005) U.S.A

electromagnets II

ELECTROMAGNETS was a Fusion band which was founded in 1973 and only recorded one album in 1974. Their music is very sophisticated and successfully fuses advanced Jazz concepts with raw rock music. The band was founded by Steve Barber and Bill Maddox under the name AUSSENHOROWITZ. For the recording of their self titled album they were joined by Kyle Brock and Eric Johnson. The album was well received among critics and Jazz-Rock fans, but unfortunately the band broke up shortly after the album was recorded.
The band reunited in 2005 and released ‘Electromagnets II’ , which is a very enjoyable album.

Genre: Jazz Rock/Fusion
Origin: United States

Studio album released in 2005


1 Pea Szong
2 Neon
3 Cannonball
4 Wake Up
5 Melvin & the Apes
6 Hunting Season
7 Simon’s Dance
8 Where I Wander
9 Chicken Pickin’

Line Up Musicians

Eric Johnson (guitar),
Bill Maddox (drums),
Steve Barber (keyboard),
Kyle Brock (bass)


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