Present – No 6 (1999) Belgium


This came as a side project from Belgian avant-gardism group UNIVERS ZERO. As guitarist Roger Trigaux left that band, he got help from drummer Daniel Denis, A-M Polaris on vocals and Rochette on bass. Their music is incredibly somber (sinister is also appropriate) as it was on U Z but here the music is electrified, more energetic and more constructed, as there is “normal song construction” if that ever meant anything to those musicians. After two albums came a period were no albums came out for ten years, the band resuming activity in 95 with a live album. In the meantime Roger had released under that name a record where he duets with his son, and he would place in the group after along with the collaboration of Dave Kerman (5UU’S). The albums have been coming out at a regular pace the music gradually evolving towards an acoustic sound on the last album. PRESENT’s music is really hard to categorize and to give names of bands to tell you the sound would be misleading you.

PRESENT is recommended to progheads that are not afraid of musical adventures out of the ordinary with a gloomy twist.

RIO/Avant-Prog • Belgium

Studio Album, released in 1999

Songs / Tracks Listing

1-4. The Limping Little Girl (16:53)
Part 1: (3:07)
Part 2: (3:38)
Part 3: (5:18)
Part 4: (4:50)
5. Le Rôdeur (1:58)
7-12. Ceux D’en Bas (Suite) (19:30)
Part 1 Le Martin: (4:30)
Part 2 Le reve de la muit: (2:03)
Part 3 La realite: (1:36)
Part 4 Vers le cauchemar: (1:58)
Part 5 Le cauchemar Yo: (3:08)
Part 6 Le combat: (6:15)
13. Sworlf (8:31)

Total Time: 47:02
(Note: There is no track 6)

Line-up / Musicians

– Roger Trigaux / composition, vocals, musical direction, guitar on “Le Rôdeur”
– Reginald Trigaux / guitars, vocals
– Dave Kerman / drums, percussion, vocals
– Pierre Chevalier / pianos, mellotron, vocals
– Keith Macksoud / bass
– David Davister / drums & percussion on “Sworlf”

Guest musician:

– Yuval Mesner / cellos


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