Mezquita – Recuerdos De Mi Tierra (1979) Spain


Fantastic symphonic progressive from Spain. MEZQUITA can be defined as a more Progressive MEDINA AZAHARA. The band consisted of Jose Rafael Garcia (guitar and vocals), Randy Lopez (bass, percussion and vocals), Rosca Lopez (keyboards and vocals), Rafael Zorilla (drums and vocals) and a violin-section. They incorporate ethnic Spanish influences into the music, and the madness is perfectly wound around tight melodic themes with Arabic and Flamenco textures. As with many of MEZQUITA’s contemporaries such as TRIANA and GRANADA, there is a strong KING CRIMSON influence. The level of comparisons should bring it into perspective, this is one of the supremely classic examples of European symphonic progressive rock.

The album ”Recuerdos De Mi Tierra” from ’79 contains six inventive and compelling tracks with exciting interplay between electric guitar and synthesizer, strong and expressive Spanish vocals, the emotional flamenco guitar and some handclapping (palmas).

Genre: Symphonic Prog
Origin: Spain

Studio Album, released in 1979

Track Listings

1. Recuerdos de mi Tierra 7:38
2. El bizco de los patios 4:15
3. Desde que somos dos 5:41
4. Ara buza(dame un beso) 4:30
5. Suicidijo 7:20
6. Obertura en Si bemol 6:01

Total time 35:15


– José Rafa / guitars, vocals
– Randy / bass, percussion, vocals
– Roscka / keyboards, vocals
– Zorrilla / drums, percussion, vocals


– José Azpiri / violin
– Santiago Crespo / violin
– Juan Ferrera / violin
– Manuel Lopez / cello


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