Rattlemouth – Walking A Full Moon Dog (1996) U.S.A.


RIO/Avant-Prog • United States

Coming from Virginia, Rattlemouth did not begin as a band but more as practicing opportunity and looking for new ideas by two members from the Ululating Mummies namely Robbie Kinter (drums) and Danny Finney (saxophones). The two wanted to look together while practicing for new musical directions, new ideas and new ways to develop musically. Funnily enough, the projects name came from Danny’s son, Gaelan, who called his father a rattlemouth and they saw the suitability of it, as Danny is a saxophonist (mouth) and Robbie a drummer (rattle). This was in 1989. they began coming up with ideas and soon enough they had two tracks and several more ideas in their bag at which point they began doing shows.

Studio Album, released in 1996

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Bread Basket Economy (2:46)
2. Conical Skirts And Hats (2:37)
3. Thin Ballad of A Thick Man (2:39)
4. Plactypus (3:00)
5. Windshield Viper (5:33)
6. Frommage De Tete (3:36)
7. Hole In The Pocket Socialist (2:40)
8. Lumbering Thub (4:23)
9. Zagreb Cobbler (4:01)
10. Crab Nebula (3:29)
11. Bad Data (6:04)
12. Hummalong Combustion (6:02)

Total Time: 46:46

Line-up / Musicians

– Danny Finney / saxophone, voacls
– Robbie Kinter / vocals, drums
– Rebby Sharp / guitar


4 Responses to “Rattlemouth – Walking A Full Moon Dog (1996) U.S.A.”

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  2. thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  3. Awesome! Love the Ululating Mummies, so this is a treat! Off to buy their new album asap!

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