Hyacintus – Elydian (2002) Argentina


HYACINTHUS is the one-man project of Jacinto Miguel Corral, a classically trained and multi-instrumentalist from Argentina. His style is melodic symphonic prog in the pure 70’s tradition and shows his strong classical roots (Wagner and Mahler mostly come to mind). Both of his cd’s are concept albums featuring Latimer-like guitar solos, melodic synths and lush keyboards reminiscent of Rick Wakeman.

“Elydian” is a gently flowing album that unfolds like a play, recounting a medieval tale of an ancient land known as… Elydian. It’s full of magnificence, especially on the softer tracks, with good continuity from one to the next. The harder pieces, however, lack a bit of energy (weak production?) thus diminishing the ‘grandeur’ effects. Three guest musicians appear on the album who contribute some keyboards, cello, viola, drums, percussion and choruses. On the slightly superior “Fantasia en Concerto”, again the tracks all neatly flow into one another. This time, eight guests contribute extra bass, keyboards, cello and vocals. A drummer is also credited but the drums sound almost entirely electronic, bringing the overall enjoyment down a notch – a common flaw to both albums.

Genre: Symphonic Prog
Origin: Argentina

Studio Album, released in 2002

Track Listings

1. Acto I – Elydian (4:17)
2. Acto II – El Costo Del Tributo (5:06)
3. Acto III – Creciendo Con Su Secreto (3:32)
4. Acto IV – Overlay (5:51)
5. Acto V – Destruccion Y Desolacion (3:18)
6. Acto VI – Dolor En El Alma (5:37)
7. Acto VII – Marcha Hacia Elydian (3:56)
8. Acto VIII – Recorriendo Las Calles (4:13)
9. Acto IX – Dubiel (3:33)
10. Acto X – Adiestrmiento Y Preparativos (4:12)
11. Acto XI – Preludio (2:41)
12. Acto XII – La Batalla (4:48)
13. Acto XIII – Final (3:20)

Total Time: 54:24


– Jacinto M. Corral / guitars, piano & keys, bass, cello, viola, percussion
– Ed Martinez / drums and programming on 3, 7, 9, 12 & 13
– Victor Sanchez / percussion and chorus on 2, 4, 7 & 13
– Ariel Sanchez / clarinet on 2


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  2. Happy and musical new year

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