Epignosis – Still The Waters (2009) U.S.A.



Epignosis is essentially a solo project by Robert W. Brown, Jr., an American who began teaching himself the guitar in his early teenage years, inspired by his father and grandfather. Branching out into other instruments, he learned music from an eclectic bunch of artists, including rock, country, and classical. It wasn’t until he picked up a dusty used copy of Kansas’s Greatest Hits that he began to explore the world of progressive rock, and it wasn’t until seeing Kansas and Yes in concert that he began to love it.

While he wrote music for many years, the basic chord progressions, riffs, and lyrical platitudes quickly became stale, and upon hearing “Miracles Out of Nowhere” for the first time as a teenager, he began writing symphonic music, trying to capture the spirit of more robust instrumentation and thoughtful arrangements.

After over three years of difficulty (both technical and financial), the debut, Still the Waters, became a reality on January 10th, 2009. The music depends heavily on acoustic and electric guitar, organ, Mellotron, and synthesizer. The lyrics remain inspired from history and the Bible, serving as a personal encouragement and consolation. It should find favor with those who enjoy stark, organic passages interspersed with fuller segments.

Symphonic Prog • United States

Studio Album, released in 2009

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Still the Waters (8:03)
2. A Pearl in a Field (7:59)
3. Move (9:56)
4. An Everlasting Kingdom (10:14)
5. No Shadow of Turning (19:48)

Total Time: 56:00
Line-up / Musicians

– Robert W. Brown, Jr. / all instruments and vocals
– Tasha Brown / guest vocal (4)


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