Agents of Mercy – The Fading Ghosts of Twilight (2009) Sweden


Formed in 2008, AGENTS OF MERCY was originally a side-project by Roine Stolt (guitars, bass, vocals) of The Flower Kings fame, whrere the goal was to create a low key, mostly acoustic based type of music.

Along the way Ned Sylvan (vocals) from Unifaun was invited to participate with vocals. However, one thing lead to another, and pretty soon the two of them found themselves involved in a creation that almost took on a life of it’s own – for some reason or other the compositions got longer and longer, more and more progressive rock elements found their way into their creations – pretty soon this had evolved into a collaborative project, and the music had changed from low key and acoustic to anything but low key and highly progressive.

With the participation of several musical friends debut album The Fading Ghosts of Twilight was issued in March 2009. Sylvan and Stolt finished some additional projects following the album release; and are taking this project on the road in the autumn of 2009 – in most cases doing a double bill with another Flower Kings side-projct; Karmakanic.

Neo-Prog • Sweden

Studio Album, released in 2009

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. The Fading Ghosts Of Twilight (7:29)
2. The Unwanted Brother (5:45)
3. Afternoon Skies (4:01)
4. Heroes & Beacons (9:06)
5. Jesus On The Barricades (4:02)
6. Waiting For The Sun (5:17)
7. A Different Sun (8:08)
8. Ready To Fly (4:53)
9. People Like Us (4:54)
10. A Soldiers Tale (11:48)
11. Bomb Inside Her Heart (4:25)
12. Mercy & Mercury (7:56)

Total Time 77:50

Line-up / Musicians

– Nad Sylvan / vocals
– Roine Stolt / guitars, bass, vocals
– Biggo Zelfries / piano, organ, mellotron, minimoog, violin
– Pat Mastelotto / drums, percussion
– Zoltan Csörsz / drums
– Jimmy Keegan / drums
– Jonas Reingold / bass


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