Tempest – Tempest (1973) U.K.


Formed by drummer Jon Hiseman in 1974 after the break up of COLOSSEUM, TEMPEST (no relation to the US band of the same name) are most notable for their line up rather than their albums. Hiseman brought in an at the time very young guitarist by the name of Allan Holdsworth, with Mark Clark (bass) and Paul Williams (vocals) completing the band. Clark had also been a member of COLOSSEUM. Paul Williams had played with JOHN MAYALL’S BLUESBREAKERS and JUICY LUCY.

TEMPEST released two albums with Peter “Ollie” Halsall (PATTO, SCAFFOLD) replacing Holdsworth for “Living in Fear”, and taking on keyboard duties for that album too. He replaced the departed Williams on vocals, resulting in a completely different sound for that album. Their music is more jazz rock than fusion, and Hiseman’s COLOSSEUM influences can be heard in the jazz influences in both albums. While “Living in Fear” was more direct and dynamic than the first self titled album, neither was particularly satisfactory.

Hiseman went on to form COLOSSEUM II, while Holdsworth found varying degrees of success both as a solo artists, and with bands such as GONG, SOFT MACHINE, UK and BRUFORD. The late Ollie Halsall (died 29 May 1992) recorded with BOXER and Kevin Ayers among others. Clarke worked with various bands including NATURAL GAS, URIAH HEEP, MOUNTAIN AND RAINBOW.

Heavy Prog • United Kingdom

Studio Album, released in 1973

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Gorgon (5:44)
2. Foyers Of Fun (3:41)
3. Dark House (5:02)
4. Brothers (3:37)
5. Up And On (4:19)
6. Grey And Black (2:29)
7. Strangeher (4:07)
8. Upon Tomorrow (6:41)

Total Time: 35:00

Line-up / Musicians

– Allan Holdsworth / guitars, violin, vocals
– Mark Clarke / bass, keyboards, vocals, all vocals on 6
– Paul Williams / vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards
– Jon Hiseman / drums, percussion


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