Syzygy – Realms of Eternity (2009) U.S.A.

There is some chamber (flute, cello, violin) accompaniment in spots; the album starts beautifully with it. But what I like about these guys is that you can tell that they are rockers first; yet they all possess great prog-worthy chops, as well as a unique songwriting and compositional style. Their arrangements are almost classical in format, and include plenty of odd time signatures (though perhaps not quite as jazz-fusion-y as their previous album “Allegory of Light”). Influences this time still include ELP (Giunta’s keyboards), Rush, Yes and a ton of others; but some Kansas(?) too this time around, especially with the presence of drama and majesty that occupies many of these songs.

Crossover Prog • United States

Studio Album, released in 2009

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Darkfield (10:35)
2. Vanitas (6:02)
3. Dreams (10:31)
4. Echoes Remain (5:23)
5. Dialectic (16:35)
The Sea:
6. Arranmore Isle (2:04)
7. Overture (2:42)
8. The Sea (5:22)
9. The Morning Song (3:26)
10. Variations, Part 1 (4:04)
11. Variations, Part 2 (3:15)
12. Reflections (1:44)
13. Finale (5:27)

Total Time 77:10

Line-up / Musicians

– Carl Baldassarre / guitars, Theremin, lead & backing vocals
– Sam Giunta / keyboards
– Paul Mihacevich / percussion, drums, backing vocals
– Al Rolik / bass guitar, backing vocals

Special guest:

– Mark Boals (Darkfield, Dreams, Dialectic, The Sea) / vocals


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