Cheer-Accident – Fear Draws Misfortune (2009) U.S.A.

cheer accident

Originally formed in 1981 by Chicago-based pianist and drummer Thymme Jones, Cheer-Accident has maintained an impressively eclectic approach to music-making throughout their lengthy career, releasing a slew of albums that range in style from noise rock to avant-prog to pop. Unsurprisingly for a band that has been active for well over twenty years, the line-up has shifted on more than one occasion (including the tragic and untimely loss of their then-guitarist Phil Bonnet in 1999), but throughout their career Cheer-Accident have continued to produce challenging and unique music; constantly refusing to pin themselves down to a single genre.

Comparisons to Thinking Plague and other American RIO-tinged avant-prog bands are justified but they do little to capture the utterly unique spirit and sound of this band. Highly recommended for fans of complex (but uncluttered), highly-composed and unpredictable avant-prog.

RIO/Avant-Prog • United States

Studio Album, released in 2009

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Sun Dies (5:49)
2. Mescalito (1:06)
3. And Then You Realize You Haven’t Left Yet (1:31)
4. Blue Cheadle (5:47)
5. Disenchantment (3:42)
6. The Carnal, Garish City (4:17)
7. According to the Spiral (2:48)
8. Humanizing the Distance (6:54)
9. Your Weak Heart (9:41)

Total Time 41:49

Line-up / Musicians

– Jeff Libersher / guitar, bass, trumpet, vocals
– Thymme Jones / drums, vocals, pseudo-marimba, synthesizer
– Alex Perkolup / bass

Guest musicians:

– Doug Abran / tenor sax
– Laura Boton / vocals
– Andrew Ciccone / clarinet
– Marketa Fajrajzlova / vocals
– Andra Faught / cornet, pseudo-bassoon
– Lise Gilly / alto sax
– Mike Hagedorn / trombone
– Carla Kihlstedt / vocals, violin
– Fred Lonberg-Holm / cello
– Rob Pleshar / tuba
– Julie Pomerleau / violin, viola
– Dave Smith / baritone sax
– Teria Gartelos Stamatis / vocals
– Aleksandra Tomaszewska / vocals
– Beth Yates / flute


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