Satellite – Evening Games (2004) Poland


The polish progressive band Collage are somewhat legendary within the genre. With several albums under their belts, their album Moonshine is considered a staple within the subgenre. Collage eventually broke up, but Wojtek Szadkowski still had the fire within him. “I wanted to go back to the beginnings, to playing music spontaneously, music which could be played without any barriers, to feel this fresh breeze of creativity again. … It was like a new beginning for me. I wanted to start from the scratch to feel creative again, and to feel a particular uncertainty, which one can experience only in the beginning of writing new music for a totally new project.”
A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset debuted on March 10, 2003. It’s follow-up, Evening Games (2006) reached number 8 at the top 100 best selling albums in Poland.

Satellite – Evening Games

Neo-Prog • Poland

Studio Album, released in 2004

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Evening Games (16:45)
2. Never Never (7:02)
3. Rush (5:47)
4. Love is around you (5:39)
5. Why (6:59)
6. Beautiful world (9:05)
7. Evening Overture (10:38)
8. Take it as it is (3:39)
9. Ill Follow the rain (bonus) (3:25)
10. You know and I know (bonus) (6:44)

Total Time: 75:43

Line-up / Musicians

– Wojtek Szadkowski / drums, percussion
– Robert Amirian / vocals
– Sarhan / guitars
– Krzysiek Palczewski / keyboards
– Przemek Zawadzki / bass guitar


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