The Science Group – Spoors (2003)


Formed in 1997 by Chris Cutler and composer and multi-instrumentalist Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer, this group’s lineup also included in their two albums Bob Drake, Fred Frith, Claudio Puntin (from the Syntopia Quartet), Amy Denio and Mike Johnson (on the second album).
The two original members met already in 1981 in Tickmayer’s home town of Novi Sad and then only met again in the 1990’s when ReR, owned by Cutler, imported Tickmayer’s albums. The relationship deepened when Tickmayer invited Cutler to collaborate with him on scoring film music and in 1996 the idea came up to record music together, revolving around those aforementioned texts. Tickmayer composed the music in both albums and the second album is instrumental.
Their music, avant-rock, also incorporated elements from contemporary classical and jazz music, giving them an avant-garde edge.

Some changes from Volume One. These are Instrumental pieces, and the band is now a quartet. Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer, Bob Drake and Chris Cutler are joined by guitarist Mike Johnson of Thinking Plague. The music remains somewhere between intense contemporary complexity and rock – passing most points between. Tickmayer’s compositional language is….unique and complex and extremely broad – no influence is seemingly outlawed, and this makes for a genuinely unclassifiable form that resembles nothing else I have ever heard.

RIO/Avant-Prog • Multi-National

Studio Album, released in 2003

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Timeline 6 (2:28)
2. Timeline 2 (3:01)
3. Timeline 5 (5:55)
4. Slopes and Blind Alleys (1:42)
5. Dispersants (4:57)
6. Dance of the Arguments (3:25)
7. Interrupted Thoughts (1:14)
8. The Rejects (0:54)
9. Marching Off (5:38)
10. Slow Land (4:03)
11. Discrete Networks (4:20)
12. Niska Banja (2:15)
13. Tractate (4:36)
14. The Garden of Forking Paths (3:34)
15. Urban Music (8:20)

Line-up / Musicians

– Chris Cutler / drums, electronics
– Bob Drake / bass, occasional guitar and organ
– Mike Johnson / guitars
– Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer / keyboards, samples


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