Sinkadus – Aurum Nostrum (1997)


The name of this Gothenburg band can be interpreted in two ways. One definition is to box a person’s ears, as if to say pay attention. The other comes from a Swedish variation of Backgammon. When a five and a two is rolled, the player will shout, “sink a dus.” Take from it what you will.

The main comparison to other music is Änglagård. Although Sinkadus existed first, their first album came along after “Hybris” and “Epilog.” It is highly likely that Änglagård did have an influence on their sound.

Symphonic Prog • Sweden

Studio Album, released in 1997

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Snalblast (18:28)
2. Manuel (11:06)
3. Agren (16:51)
4. Attestupan (12:04)

Total Time: 58:29

Line-up / Musicians

– Rickard Bistrom / bass, vocals, guitar
– Fredrik Karlsson / keyboards
– Mats Svensson / drums
– Lena Petterson / cello
– Robert Sjoback / guitars
– Linda Johansson / flute, vocals


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