5UU’S – Hunger’s Teeth (1994)



Dave Kerman founded his own band, the 5UU’s, in 1984. Inspired by the European “Rock In Opposition” (RIO) movement’s uncompromising stance, and devoted to a concept of song-oriented music with emphasis on short pieces, lyrics, and melodies, the 5UU’s created a sound that was a distinctly American version of R.I.O.-inspired rock. Their music is a constantly changing stream of ideas, very complex, with irregular time sigs and liberal use of disonnance within their melodic framework. “Hunger’s Teeth” is probably the best place to start for a symphonic prog fan trying to get into RIO. This is a group in the tradition of Henry COW, UNIVERS ZERO and U TOTEM. RIO fans will enjoy this music…!

RIO/Avant-Prog • United States

Studio Album, released in 1994

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Well… Not Chickenshit (6:35)
2. Roan (3:03)
3. Mangate (2:55)
4. Geronimo (4:51)
5. Glue (2:41)
6. Opportunity Bangs (5:18)
7. The Shears (1:25)
8. Bachelor Needle (2:16)
9. Truth, Justice, and the American Way (5:35)
10. Equus (5:06)
11. Traveler Waits for No One (3:27)

Total Time: 43:52

Line-up / Musicians

– Sanjay Kumar / keyboards
– David Kerman /drums, guitars, keyboards
– Bob Drake / vocals, basses, guitars, violins

– Thomas Dimuzio / electronics
– Susanne Lewis / vocals
– James Grigsby / guitar, vibes, bass
– Michelle Bos / utensils, penny fountain, skydiving ocarinas, metal tables, creaks, blue rocks


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