Il Baricentro – Sconcerto (1976)


review :

Review by Ricochet
SPECIAL COLLABORATOR Electronic Prog & Art Rock Specialist

4 stars
A “sconcert” that’s full of vitamins, juicy stuff, drifting talent and consistent music – and of progressive rock, kudos to the mixture of 70s rock and original jazz creating a warm combination of colors and liquid fireworks; this is how Baricentro’s first album (far from calling it a simple debut, it’s too strong) sounds like, down the more or less usual path of jazz-rock, fusion heat, electric melodism and rock composer. Its field isn’t powerful enough to bring a swell impression, its pleasure, instead, is half the great quality that’s installed in this album.

Genre: Jazz Rock/Fusion
Origin: Italy

Studio Album, released in 1976

Track Listings

1. Sconcerto (4:58)
2. Lido Bianco (10:04)
3. Meridioni E Paralleli (6:15)
4. Afka (6:11)
5. Pietre Di Luna (4:29)
6. Della Venis (4:16)
7. Comunque… (Todo Modo) (5:27)

Total Time: 41:40


– Francesco Boccuzzi / keyboards, guitars, percussion
– Vanni Boccuzzi / keyboards, percussion
– Tonio Napolitano / bass, percussion
– Piero Mangini / drums, percussion


2 Responses to “Il Baricentro – Sconcerto (1976)”

  1. MarkProg Says:




  2. Hey!! many thanks for the lossless version here!!
    I have heard this album some years ago and I liked very much… but it was difficult to find

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