Clearlight – Infinite Symphony (2003)


CLEARLIGHT is a project of French song-writer and composer Cyrille “CLEARLIGHT” Verdeaux, with a blend of classical romanticism and prog-rock experimentation. CLEARLIGHT was the name of Verdeaux’s first 1975 released album, which was the first French progressive rock album signed under a major British label.

During the 1970’s, the death of Verdeaux’s 4-year-old son forced the composer to travel to India where he studied yoga and meditation which he has acknowledged profoundly influenced his later music. In 1980, CLEARLIGHT SYMPHONY was reborn when Verdeaux released the album NOCTURNE DIGITALIS and later OFFRANDES.

In the mid-80’s Cyrille Verdeaux released a succession of similar albums, as well as a cassette-only compilation release known as the KUNDALINI OPERA in 1984.

Cyrille Verdeaux’s work is similar to ARJEN LUCASSEN’S AYREON albums because he has incorporated the talents of several other singers, songwriters, and composers such as David Cross of KING CRIMSON, Tim Blake and Steve Hillage of GONG, and jazz violinist Didier Malherbe.

Cyrille Verdeaux’s CLEARLIGHT should be considered progressive rock because he conceptualizes meditation and incorporates complex musical ideas with his experiences with meditation and Indian music.

Genre: Symphonic Prog
Origin: France

Studio Album, released in 2003

Track Listings

1. Movement I (10:58)
2. Movement II (8:40)
3. Movement III (12:28)
4. Movement IV (8:45)
5. Movement V (10:56)
6. Movement VI (9:17)
Bonus Track
7. Movement III (Radio Edit) (5:47)

Total Time: 66:50


– Cyrille Verdeaux / piano, Krzweil 2600, Moog Voyager
– Peter McCarthy / guitars 1,2,4,6
– Dan Shapiro / bass 1-4, NS Upright bass 5
– Shaun Guerin / drums & percussion 1-6, lead vocals 3
– Didier Malherbe / saxophone 1-2, doudouk 1,6, flute 2
– Trevor Lloyd / electric violin 1,4,5
– Hom Nath / tablas 1,6
– Gene Stopp / Moog modular system 6
– John Thomas / rhythm guitar 2, guitars 3, classical, lead, slide guitars 5
– Cory Wright / Tenor saxophone 3
– Matt Brown / backing vocals 3
– Richard Hardy / Soprano & Tenor saxes 4, flute 4,5, tin whistle 4, Tenor & bass clarinet 5


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