Clearlight – Clearlight Symphony (1973)


The first movement is actually a contant battle of piano interludes and chaotic interplays.At one moment,the music is very mellow and atmospheric based on Verdeaux’s classical piano and distinctive mellotron work…but suddenly what follows is a storm of a tight rhythm section accompanied by heavy electronics,psychedelic guitars and great saxes.If yoy can imagine a blending of GONG’s space/fusion rock with TANGERINE DREAM-like electronics and CARPE DIEM’s deep musicianship,then you’re somewhat in the game…

Genre : Symphonic Prog
Origin: France

Studio Album, released in 1973

Track Listings

1. 1st Movement (20:37)
2. 2nd Movement (20:40)

Total Time: 41:17


– Gilbert Artman / drums, percussion, vibraphone (2)
– Tim Blake / synthesizer, percussion (1)
– Christian Boulé / electric guitar (2)
– Steve Hillage / electric guitar (1)
– Martin Isaacs / bass (2)
– Didier Malherbe / tenor saxophone (1)
– Cyril Verdeaux / keyboards, gong, synthesized bass, mellotron


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