NeBeLNeST – NeBeLNeST (1999)


NeBeLNeST formed in 1997, consisting of Michael Anselmi (drums), Cyril Malderez (guitar), Gregory Tejedor (bass), and Olivier Tejedor (keys). They released two albums with this lineup: their self-titled debut in 1999 and the Bob Drake-produced NoVa eXPReSS in 2002. In 2006 they released their third album, ZePTO, which photographed a transition in the band lineup, as outgoing guitarist Malderez appears on roughly half the tracks and temporary guitarist Sebastien Carmona appears on the rest. Since then, the band has settled on guitarist Matthiew Sassier and guitarist/saxophonist Julien Wack to replace Malderez. This new lineup is currently working on a new album.

NeBeLNeST’s music is a high-energy mix of multiple styles of progressive rock, blending a prog-metal influenced drums and bass with psychedelic guitar and symphonic keyboards. The rhythm section is clearly in control, with intense drumming and distorted, almost zeuhl-like bass dominating most pieces. The band is clearly not fond of repeating itself, as they constantly shift and progress throughout each piece. NeBeLNeST should appeal to all fans of energetic, interesting, and innovative music.

Genre: RIO/Avant-Prog
Origin: France

Studio Album, released in 1999

Track Listings

1. Improv: pooks part 1 (3:22)
2. Shafoo (6:49)
3. Najha (6:13)
4. Etude de shimshot (9:25)
5. Improv: uncertain journey (5:17)
6. Solilock (4:48)
7. Absinthe (9:21)
8. Crab nebula (6:20)
9. Improv: pooks part 2 (7:29)

Total Time: 59:04


– Michael Anselmi / drums
– Cyril Malderez / guitar
– Gregory Tejedor / bass
– Olivier Tejedor / synthesizers, devices


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