Flaming Bess – Tanz der Götter (1979)


Flaming Bess is not your typical band. The oringinal band was formed in 1969, in Düsseldorf. There was the usual club gigs, and personnel changes, before finally recording an album. It just took them ten years. This was 1979’s “Tanz Der Götter.” A highly regarded album, and very much influenced by other symphonic music of it’s time.

Though adversity, changing trends, and music industry woes, this band has kept going. They remain true to their vision, without becoming antiquated. A truly admirable group, that shows no signs of giving up (ever).

Genre: Symphonic Prog
Origin: Germany

Studio Album, released in 1979

Track Listings

1. Bedrohung (9:43)
2. Kampf und Verteibung (8:22)
3. Oasis (5:27)
4. Arkana (4:56)
5. Tanz der Götter (10:10)

Total Time: 38:40


– Joachim Jansen / organ, E-violin, synthesizer, flute, clavinet
– Peter Wahle / vocals, gong, glöckchen, rhythmusmaschine, E-guitar
– Hans Wende / bass, guitar, clavinet, vocals

Guest musicians:

– Wolfgang Neumann / sprache
– Bruno Blättler / guitar
– Wolla Hoffmann / guitar
– Barry Peeler / acoustic guitar
– Bernd Renn / bass
– Helmut Leinhos / timbales
– Frank Kirchner / saxophone


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