Iraklis – I Stigmi (1984)


Iraklis Triandafyllides began his career in the sixties, playing in a beat band called The Saints (who had one single out) before going on to join D.N.A. in the early seventies. In 1973 he formed a band of his own (Lernaia Hydra – named after a monster out of Greek mythology) with which he recorded. It’s not only one of the best but also one of the rarest Greek releases. The two records he released in the eighties are rarities as well. His work is mainly characterised by ethnic and psychedelic elements and dreamy atmospheres in a folk/psych style using many traditional Greek instruments. Nowadays, Iraklis owns several clubs and recording studios; he released two albums in the early eighties as well as a single-record reprint of “Se Allous Kosmous” in 1988.

Year : 1984

Country : Creece
Genre : Psychedelic


01 – H Stigmh (The Moment)
02 – Pseftoxoreftis (Fake Dancer-Pseudodancer)
03 – Ti Ftene (It’s Not Their Fault)
04 – O Kollimenos (Stuck)
05 – Varicheimonias (Heavy Winter)
06 – Athina (Oh Athens)
07 – Se Mia Platia (In A Square)
08 – Legame (We Were Saying)


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